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January 12, 2013 by Audrey

Good morning and happy Saturday!

I started off my morning with a hard and challenging workout, but definitely fun. It was a quick moving workout so I didn’t get bored.

I completed the ZWow#51. The Purely Twins introduced me to her a few months ago by posting about how they loved her workouts. She’s extremely hardcore and goes through the whole workout with you in each video every Thursday! This one focused on toning, stretching, and using many other muscles you might not use much. I have a feeling I may be sore tomorrow! The dive bomber pushups are a killer! But the workout looked like this:

  • 100 Strict mountain climbers
  • 20 Pike leg lifts
  • 10 Pushup burpees
  • 20 Pike leg lifts
  • 10 Pushup burpees
  • 20 Pike leg lifts
  • 10 burpees
  • 50 squat pulses
  • 10 dive bomber pushups
  • 50 squat pulses
  • 10 dive bomber pushups
  • 100 Strict mountain climbers

Then I completed Lori and Michelle’s core cardio plank interval workout which is really awesome! It’s turned into one of my favorites!


My appetite was feeling a bit like pancakes this morning. So I was surprised with some pancakes made by my dad! Thanks dadSmile. And I put coconut oil and almond butter on top of the 2 pancakes. Delicious.

pancakes and apples

And a fried egg for some added protein!

The sun is actually shining a bit today (it has been very dreary over here in Alabama), so I’m hoping to do something that involves with being outside.

Question of the day

Do you like working out first thing in the morning?

Pancakes or waffles? I’m a waffle girl, but pancakes are delicious!

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