Costco Run

Did a Costco run this afternoon and while I was there, I looked for some new glasses frames and the Canon EOS 7D. I absolutely love that camera and am really looking into it. And I also really need some new glasses frames because I haven’t updated mine in such a long time, a few years, actually. 5 years to be exact.

Anyway, I stopped at Publix right before Costco, which was a good idea because I found this amazing new hummus…Or at least it is new to me! The flavor was unreal and it even tasted really delicious with carrots!


Then I decided to dig into the lettuce and make a little salad.


In the mix: Chopped salad greens, orange tomatoes (new to me?), boiled egg, chopped apple, and organic yogurt dressing (no preservatives, all natural). And I cooked a few sweet potato fries as well.


It was good…but I needed more, obviously! How about a small stuffed bellpepper? Yes, please!



This was so good! Costco pre makes stuffed bell peppers and they taste amazing. The lady was giving out a sample and we just had to get them!

Question of the day

Do you like hummus? Have a favorite flavor?


Also, check out this cool DIY toothpaste with coconut oil here

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