Favorite Workout Gear

Good afternoon! I was thinking about making a quick post on my fave workout gear. Most of it is running gear though.

Favorite Workout Gear

I love my Garmin Forerunner 10! I got it for Christmas and was so excited. This thing is a lifesaver for any runner out there. It is simple, easy to use, quick to understand, nice features, and it’s pretty accurate from what I can tell. Well worth the good price it comes at.

(Image Source & a review on the watch)

This shirt is a long sleeve thumbhole shirt from Old Navy. It’s actually one of my faves to run in because it isn’t too hot nor to thin to where it would be too cold.


This picture was before my 4 mile run a couple of days ago. And its definitely blurry because I have no idea how to to take pictures of myself. I pretty much fail most of the time Annoyed 

These are my Lunar Glide 4s and they’re a great distance running shoe if you are a mild over pronator. They are pretty light actually, much lighter than the LG3s, so I don’t feel weighed down or anything.


This is an Old Navy running jacket and it has been my best friend this Winter! I love it. And those are also some black Old Navy running capris leggings. As long as you get the right size, they stay on you pretty well. And those socks, from TjMaxx, are my favorite! I think they are Adidas. But I have about 10 pair.


This is my favorite hat I have ever owned! I got it from my 1st Half Marathon and this thing has been with me on almost every run since then. A good hat is a must!


If I’m doing speed work on a track, I would use these.  I wore these during Cross Country Season and loved them!


 A good barbell, weights/dumbbells, and a mat are my other needs when it comes to working out. Gotta do more than just run!


And that’s about it! And maybe some earmuffs if its super cold, but that’s kind of rare over here in Alabama.

Actually…its snowing. The first time in like 2 years. Will upload some pictures of it tonight!

Question of the Day

What are your favorite workout gear items?

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