Somewhat Italian

Does anyone else out there love creating fun meals? Or am I the only one that finds that entertaining? Okay…only one. That’s fine. Disappointed smile

After reading Courtney’s birthday dinner post the other day, I realized that many healthy living food bloggers don’t really post much about Italian food. Well, probably because it isn’t the healthiest. But seriously, Italian food is way amazing. So, I slaved in the kitchen whipped up a homemade Italian dinner…sort of. Spaghetti and eggplant were definitely involved <–that = Italian. Yum.

Shall we get started on what I’m talking about here?


First up, we have the sliced veggies and the boiling water with spaghetti noodles. And sauce, of course.


Then, with lots of oil in a heated pan, I placed the sliced eggplant in the pan. What? Really? Okay, maybe I don’t need to explain everything. Let’s just read pictures…….? Huh?



And up above is Italian sausage. I sautéed it


And guess what my favorite green vegetables are?



Broccoli and Kale! I heart them both. So I sautéed them…naturally. And yes, I know it looks weird to pretend to kiss broccoli. Good thing no one was watching…Embarrassed smile


Baked sweet potatoes. (I’m using baked as a verb here.)


Oh my goodness…I’m DONE! Let’s eat!




Thankfully its Friday…and I don’t have to wake up early and run till Sunday. Woo!!

Who’s ready for the weekend? Have a good one Smile

Question of the Day

What is your favorite green vegetable?