Tapering Week & My Tips

Countdown time.

Half marathon is in 6 days and I’m nervous/excited at the same time. Not unusual or anything.

(I wrote this at 2:00 P.M) Right now, its raining outside and whole running thing does not seem too appealing. But, this girl needs to run. So I guess a soaking wet run is gonna happen. Fabulous Annoyed


I really didn’t want much for dinner so I sautéed some broccoli and spinach together. Also ate a little of my dad’s chili.



What Do I Do a Week Before the Race? What do I eat? Drink?

  • First I get plenty of sleep…don’t want to be drained.
  • I watch out on every thing I’m eating. No sugary sweets or anything that might make me feel like I have no energy.
                  • What am I eating?
                      • Quinoa, whole wheat bread, nut butters, chicken, lots of vegetables, fruits (bananas and apples and strawberries so far), almond milk, salads…things that I usually eat but just being cautious.
  • I’m not doing any HIIT, sprints, speed work, interval training, hill work, tons of burpees, squats, weights, etc.
  • I am doing butterfly situps, pushups, and lots of stretching! And still doing plank workouts to strengthen core.
  • Drinking lots and lots of water. I am also drinking tea, coffee, and almond milk. I should be drinking some coconut water but don’t have any on hand.
  • Performing some yoga moves to open up the thighs and hips (something every runner should do).
  • And I’m not stressing. I’m being calm, but excited, happy, and cool about the whole thing. If I don’t make my time, it will be okay. There’s always another chance!
                • What Am I Going to Eat the Night Before?
                    • Good question…the night before I’m not having a big a spaghetti meal. Why? Because I feel like that would not work well with me at 7 o’clock in the morning on race day. Instead I’ll have something better…not sure what it will be but I’ll let ya know!
                    • Friday Night, however, I’ll probably have something crazy…but still not sure on that either. Will be blogging all week to talk about it!

*And guess what…I went running! Had to add this in before I posted! And I got in an extra mile just because! Nice and easy run…<3



Happy camper. (Note: I did not look like this while running…this was definitely a before picture.)


Happy Running