Happy Pancake Day!

So today is totally pancake day…so, of course I make a pancake.

Wait…haven’t we had a pancake day already this year?

Oh, who cares! I love me some pancakes.

I made a chocolate protein pancake with sprinkled stevia on top. It was good, by the way.


And my dad sneaked a photo onto the camera of his pancake this morning…which had chocolate chips on top! So I thought I’d share Smile


He’s got some pretty great photo skills. Perfect upward view.


No running…at all. Because it rained A L L day L O N G! Except this morning of course…and I do not have time to run in the morning. That would take some serious effort times a thousand!

But I did get cardio in. I warmed up for 6 minutes and did complete the Purely Twins’ 12 minute plank workout. I love this workout because it involves cardio and core together. Believe me, you will be wiped out.

Then I completed this:

  • 10 adv. pushups
  • 20 butterfly situps
  • 10 adv. pushups
  • 20 butterfly situps
  • 10 adv. pushups
  • 20 butterfly situps

And I also have been doing this Yoga For Runners video from Tara Stiles.


Tonight was a mixture of things…but definitely delicious. I scrambled eggs with spinach in coconut oil (no cheese. just clean), baked a small sweet potato, at a scoop of whole wheat bowtie pasta my mom had prepared. And some Italian sausage.



What do you do when you can’t run but planned to? Back up plan?