Mercedes-Benz Half Marathon & New PR

Saturday morning (FEB 16) I ran 3 miles and had these gluten free waffles and then I started prepping for race day!

I took a break and went healthy shopping at EarthFare with my friends


We had a lot of fun and then we went and ate at Panera Bread…tomato soup in a bread bowl for the first time ever…and it was great. But I didn’t eat all the bread. I could have, but I had a race in the morning.

RACE DAY (Feb 17)

4:00 A.M.—> Woke up, cooked oatmeal. Ate oatmeal. Ate half of a banana. Drank two cups of coffee.

5:50 A.M.—> Left the house, had everything all ready before hand.

6:30 A.M.—> Couldn’t find a parking spot (freaking out). Speed walked to the bag checking area. It was cold. After we checked in our bags, we jogged to the bus station and back for a warm-up.

6:50 A.M.—> Standing between the 8 and 9 minute pace runners. Found a friend to run with.

7:03 A.M.—> And we’re off.

    10K time      Finish Time 

   51:37 8:20    1:51:29 8:31

I had no idea I was going to make that time. I was freaking out because I didn’t really know I had it in me.


How did I feel during the race? Perfect. I had a few side stiches, but I felt so awesome. Those feelings make memorable races and make you feel like a shining star! Have you had races like that, where you just feel amazing the whole time and even afterwards?

How did I feel after the race? Sleepy. I wanted to fall asleep. If someone would have given me a pillow, I would have. And my stomach didn’t feel too great after, so it was hard for me to eat. It took me about 3 hours to eat all the food.

Food: (In order) Banana, water, lays chips (my they were salty, just what I needed), 2 cups of coffee (yes, you read that right), half of a turkey barbecue sandwich (it took me a while to eat this), more coffee, more water, an apple, a marathon snickers bar (finally got that down about 4 hours later), more water, cole slaw, fruit cup.

All that food was eaten over about 3-4 hours. Some people were drinking beer, stuffing their faces all at once, etc…and I was like, “One chip at a time…one chip at a time…”.

This reason this post is going up so late is because I’ve been extremely busy and never had time to really sit down and think about my post. I didn’t want to make this a long post…So that’s it!

I promise, I have more interesting stuff coming up.

Workouts this week? Two runs covering 3.5 miles. Not so much. But I have done lots of plank workouts, arm workouts, two “easy” crossfit workouts, circuit workouts, toning…

This morning I did the 100 burpee burnout workout by Cassey from Blogilates. OMG…you need to try this if you love/hate burpees. ❤ I also got in a leg workout with a barbell. Haven’t done that in a while.

MORE POSTS LATER! It’s National Banana Bread Day! I got a recipe coming!


Have you run a race lately? Tell me about it!

Do you like Banana Bread?