Things That Make Me Happy

Today is a Monday and that means…we should hide!

Okay, maybe not. I just thought that picture was cute. But we can be a little more cheerful! So I’m going to tell you a few things that make me happy! Open-mouthed smile

1) Coffee: I love my coffee. It gets me started for the day, gives me energy, keeps me awake while I’m driving to school…AND there’s so many flavors!


2) Running: I mean, obviously I love running. But it truly does make me happy. One good run can make my whole week amazing.

meadowbrookhappy to run

3) A New Purse: This one is pretty random. But I usually don’t go buy me 5 million purses during the year…not even 3. Believe me, if I could just buy new purses all the time, I would…but I kinda like clothes a lot too Winking smile I would pick clothes any day. But when I do get a new purse, it makes me so, so excited. Weird? Yeah…I’m a girl.

4) Vizslas: I don’t have one! But boy, do I want one! Julie has one and Lori has one and I just love looking at their pictures of Sadie and Jax! Red heartOne day…I will have my own and we will run the world! Haha…get it? Vizslas loves to run, I love to run…run the world…never mind.

5) Almond Butter: Some people eat ice-cream and brownies when they’re sad…I eat almond butter. Definitely not butt loads of it because I like to save mine as much as possible. So, we got portion control over here!


6) Pinterest: When I have nothing to do, Pinterest is always there for me. And I also waste about 3 hours of my life…but that’s okay! FOLLOW ME!

7) Whole Foods and Costco: I wish I had a WF closer to me because I love that place! I could spend hours…and lots of money in there. Just saying. But, I do go to Costco aaaa lot! Costco has everything I love…in bulks. So duh, it’s awesome! Plus, they have samples. Everyone, go ahead and admit, you go for the samples. We all go for the samples.

8) Beaches: I’m a mountains kind of girl, so beach trips are rare…but I love them so much! Sunsets and sand…equals perfect! Here is an Instagram photo I took back in June when I went to Destin…it’s so beautiful!


9) Boston: I love this place. One thing on my bucket list is to run the loop around the Charles River. And I’m hoping to take a very long, long, long trip there one day…(AKA move there) source)

10) Hiking: I love going hiking. I’m not a hardcore hiker (no, no, no) but I love taking day trips to hike. I love to be able to escape from the world and just enjoy nature…And I also really enjoy trail running…I wish I could do that more!

So, there’s 10 things that make me happy! Now it’s your turn! Tell me a few things that make you smile, laugh, enjoy life, etc! Go!

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