Good Run, Good Eggs

A good run will get me back into gear.

Just saying.

I have ran about 4 times since my half marathon which is not how I intended for things to go. I was supposed to jump right back into training after about 4 days. I lost motivation to run and got sucked into my at-home crossfit workouts, weightlifting, HIIT, burpee challenges…which is fine, I suppose.

But I actually really started to miss running. I have about 5 weeks till my 5K, so it is training time…hehe.

Workout (Lastnight)

  • 1 mile warmup
  • 4X800m with jogs in between
  • 4X200m with jogs in between
  • 1.5 mile cool down
  • 6 miles…booyah!

I felt so good after this run…tired…but good.

Post run, I had some coconut water to try. I LOVE coconut water. Vita and Zico are my favorite brands out there. I tried this flavor lastnight…um, can I just say that I could live off of this? Because I could. It is heavenly!



This morning, I just had to have eggs again but I fried them. I haven’t done this in a while. They were pretty good. By the way, these eggs are cage free eggs. The best!


And we have about a gazillion packages of whole wheat blueberry kashi waffles in the freezer because Costco…had them on sale. So I toasted some up for me and my sister this morning. DelightfulSmile


I’ve got lots of work to get done today so I probably won’t post again till tomorrow, just giving anyone reading my blog a heads up.

By the way, I made an A on my math test.



  • Do you have any proud accomplishments you’d like to share?
  • Do you run?