Morning Habits

Do you have morning habits? I do.

I like to have things done in an orderly fashion in the morning.  I have no idea why…

Here’s what I do in the morn’:

  1. I make the coffee.
  2. I drink a big glass of water.
  3. I make my lunch (unless I prepared it the night before).
  4. I make my breakfast.
  5. I drink my coffee and eat my breakfast while I catch up on the interwebs.
  6. I drink another cup of coffee.
  7. I get ready for school, makeup first, hair last.
  8. And when I get in my car, I don’t turn the radio on till after I pull out of my driveway..I have no idea why, but that’s how I roll…get it? Car, wheels…roll…Am I the only one who finds that funny? Embarrassed smile

But really, the only thing that ever matters to me in the morning…is COFFEE Winking smile

Do you have any habits? Morning habits? …24/7 habits?


Let’s talk about my workout last night…it wasn’t long and hard or anything, but it was definitely short and difficult. My run last night looked a little like this:

  • 1.6 mile warm up
  • .56 mile of hill repeats that lasted for 31 seconds
    • I pushed it a little every time…and dang, it is hard to make yourself go faster on a hill)
  • .75 mile cool down
  • 2X400’s
  • Jog back for cool down.
  • Total = ~4 miles

No picture because my watch didn’t calculate it all together…it started over on accident when I didn’t know, so I had to do MORE math and add everything up together…ugh.

Ehh, I don’t like having posts I don’t have pictures for. This is horrible.

I promise, more pictures!

XOXO Audrey


3 thoughts on “Morning Habits

  1. Miranda @ Miranda Runs says:

    Haha I have a schedule too! 1) wake up, 2) do my makeup, 3) do my hair, 4) get dressed, 5) make coffee & breakfast, 6) brush teeth, 7) leave for school!

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