Ready For Friday

I do not like Thursdays. They always feel like Fridays and get me so confused. Not cool.

I just really want it to be the weekend because that means I’m a week closer to Spring Break.


I finished my paper last night, so I rewarded myself with a workout…weird? Maybe. Maybe not.

I did the Purely Twins 12 Minute core/cardio plank interval workout…a mouthful, yes, but an awesome workout! It was perfect since I didn’t have time to run.

And I had to skip running on Tuesday night as well because I was so busy. It happens.

I also did Cassey’s awesome arm workout. My triceps are hurting so bad today. It includes cardio and strength which is a plus!



I made a protein pancake this morning. Nothing special, except that it was absolutely delicious!!!

By the way, protein pancakes literally take 10 minutes to make. And if you prepare the batter the night before, it would take even LESS time! So they’re definitely a quick breakfast idea if you need one.

I mixed Stevia with non-fat Fage Greek yogurt and cut up my pancake and dipped away!






Salsa Salad!

All I do is put two big spoonful’s of salsa on my salad instead of dressing. It tastes delicious!

I also added some pickles, tomatoes, and bell pepper.

Gonna go workout now! I’ll check in, in the morning!

XOXO Audrey


  • What’s your favorite thing to put in your salads?
  • Have you tried the protein pancakes yet?

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