Fun Fact Friday

Okay, I love facts!

I find it interesting to just know something about a person, especially if they’re a blogger.

Me, “So…how about a little fact action?”

You, “Sure, why not?”


1) A little over a year ago, I style blogged for Claire’s Jewelry for a month. I wish they would have let me do it longer, because I obviously love blogging…well, duh.

Audrey.Post23Layering it10Audrey.Post23Layering it3Audrey.Post23Layering it1Audrey.Post23Layering it2

The cool thing, was blogging about their products every day. It was a ton of fun. A TON!


2) I lost 20lbs in 2011.

I had actually lost 15lbs in 2010 but gained it back in a few months because I was not being a healthy person 95% of the time like I am now. Thanks to the Tone It Up girls, Karena and Katrina, I learned so much about clean eating and about so many foods and recipes I had never heard of like, chia seeds, protein pancakes, and more.


First I was 20lbs overweight. And I don’t care how embarrassing these pictures are, because I will never be that again.


Then I lost the weight with lots of working out (which I love now), healthy eating, and positive thinking…but I knew something was missing…whatever could it be?


MORE RUNNING! And weightlifting, of course.

3) I’m not going to prom. I really am not all into the whole thing, plus the prom at our school is boring. The closest I’ve got to prom was a pageant in 7th grade…


4) I had an awesome Sweet 16 a couple years ago, thanks to my parents! And now, I’m about to be 18 in less than 3 weeks!

Yes…we danced. Just Dance 2 had come out. Don’t judge.

5) This one is a random one, but it’s been a fact for way too long. I want to travel (and live there eventually) to Boston, MA. Back in 10th grade, I wanted to go to college there, but that isn’t happening because I have a different and more awesome program that I’ll be doing that can be taken anywhere! And you don’t even know how badly I want to run around the Charles River.

I haven’t been on a plane since I was a baby, so maybe the next time I’m on one, hopefully it will be to BOSTON! And I’ve never been to like a real baseball game…ever.

(Image Source) (Image Source)

Now…TELL ME a couple or more facts about yourself! Facts are awesome.

Or, if you have a blog, I challenge you to tell 5 facts! I wanna know! But not in a creepy way…

And here’s my lunch!



It was so, so, so good! Flat out bread with cheese, chicken and spinach!

Last Night’s Workout

I did a whole bunch of power cleans which totally tired my arms out. Then, with the barbell and a 25lb dumbbell, I completed this workout. (Not in the sprints though…no no no)

Today’s Workout

I tried two new workouts and if you’re looking for an awesome but quick workout, here’s the two I tried out. I was sweatingggg like crazy and my arms felt like they were going to fall off! But I love challenges like these.

Insane Short Burpee Workout

At Home Bicep & Tricep Workout

Have an amazing Friday! Toodles!

XOXO Audrey



Tell me some cool facts.

How’s your workouts been? Tried any cool ones? Please share!

8 thoughts on “Fun Fact Friday

  1. Miranda @ Miranda Runs says:

    Congrats on the weight loss girl! I always love hearing about people who have turned around their lives! 🙂 Fun facts: I love watching HGTV’s “House Hunters” and also “Jeopardy”. I get more calories through snacking than I do in actual meals (I hate this about me and I’m trying to fix it). My favorite thing to wear is dresses with glitter! Or yoga pants. 😉

    • Audrey says:

      Thank-you! Its one of those things you can look back at and be proud of! It definitely changed my life! If I would have never lost the weight, I probably wouldn’t have a blog, or ran two half marathons, etc!
      OMG I love House Hunters!
      On some days, I’m the same way with the snacking.
      YOGA PANTS for the win!

  2. Maddi @ Pushups in Penny Loafers says:

    You’re sweet sixteen seemed like it was such a blast…I can only imagine what your eighteenth is going to look like 🙂 As for me lately I’ve been kinda obsessed with P90X’s cardio workouts such a plyometrics and kenpo. I also like to include100 pushups when I do my strength training twice a week. Your new theme looks really cute btw. Nice choice girl!!

    • Audrey says:

      It was a blast! My eighteenth birthday is probably gonna be a little more laid back…I have a cool restuarant I really wanta try! I have yet to try P90X and I need to, i bet its awesome! I probably do workouts similar but not the actual thing. OOOOOH 100 pushups, you go girl! I think I did 120 pushups with a ZWOW workout not too long ago, it was very difficult! AND thankyou so MUCH! I hope everyone will like it! Fingers crossed! 🙂

  3. Brittany @ DulceVie says:

    Congrats on the weight loss! I lost 15 lbs since last year and a total 30lbs since 3 years ago. I would probably not be blogging either if I hadn’t changed my lifestyle! Oh and I’m not going to prom either 🙂

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