Finishing What You Started

Hey friends!

So, today was one of those days where you get excited about a workout and you go start it…but you just want to quit because burpees ARE NOT easy.

Or maybe, I’m the only one that has those days.

I hope I’m not the only one.


3 hours after lunch…

I warmed up for 7 minutes and did some dynamic stretching before I got into my workout.

First, I took the challenge and did the M-100 Workout by Mike and guess who’s in the video??? Cassey!!! Love her!

What’s in the workout?

The Workout- M100’s
Burpees w/ pushup- 10
Mountain Climbers- 40
Double Pump Squats- 10
Rounds = 3
With an additional 10 burpees to make it 100 reps total.

Then I rested and got my mind set for the next 6 rounds of this workout that I put together. I got inspired from another workout I saw, but changed a few things for it to meet my standards.

to Press

And boy, was that the hardest 40 minutes of my life. Rest as much you need. I rested about 2-3 minutes between each round.

But I finished it!! All 6 rounds, a sweaty mess, tired, but felt awesome Open-mouthed smile


Okay, now we can get to lunch.

Lunch was kind of a fail. I would have liked a salad and some meat or something, but I really didn’t feel like preparing it.

So I ate homemade potato, egg, and onion salad. Plus an apple and almond butter on the side.

Good, but not the best.


Okay, time to go make dinner!

And enjoy the rest of my Saturday Smile

XOXO Audrey


  • How was your workout today?
  • Did you do anything fun?

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