Likes and Dislikes of My State

Happy Tuesday, friends!

Let’s hit on workouts and food before I get any further.


Last night, I went running with my dad. I have been lacking on my 800m repeats, so last night, I managed to get in 5!

If you don’t know what an 800m is, its 1/2 of a mile and I ran about each one in 3min54sec…and that was 5 of them.

I was definitely worn out.


(Image Source)

My run looked like this:

  • 1.75 mile warm up
  • 5X800m w/ jogs in b/w – 3 minutes of a rest between each 800m
  • 1.75 mile cool down

I got around 7 miles in with the added jogs b/w each 800m.


Like I said in my post yesterday, I’ve started to eat cleaner and smaller but with more meals throughout the day instead of just the regular 3 meals and a snack.

Last night, I had 1/2 a sweet potato, freshly cut and sliced organic carrots with hummus, jalapenos, and lots of lettuce with salsa. Then I made myself some chamomile tea and hit the sack.



I was woken up from my little sister 10 minutes before my alarm went off this morning and that totally ruined my morning.

Breakfast was good though…

Oats, 1 egg + egg whites + salsa, tea and water.


And then my snack around 9:30 was same as yesterday’s…1/2 large bell pepper.



TODAY is National Spinach Day, so grab some spinach and eat it!


(Image Source)


In the mix:


That filled me up right away.

And I just finished off another protein shake like yesterday’s.


Sorry for the reused pics, but I find it silly to take pictures of things like bell peppers and protein shakes, that look the exact same, over and over again. Open-mouthed smile

Likes and Dislikes of Alabama


1) Great running communities throughout the state. BTC is amazing!

2) It’s close to Florida and Tennessee, which are great places to vacation.

3) There is Publix, a grocery store. Trak Shaks are available, a small running shoe store.

4) There are some cool places to hike, some beautiful scenery, sunsets, etc.

5) Can’t think of anymore


1) Horrible weather. One minute its beautiful outside, next minute its thunder storming. One day its freezing outside, the next day its 20 degrees warmer. The humidity is awful.

2) Living in AL, people assume you are country “rednecks” or something (I mean look at characters in movies that portray someone from AL, they make them sound way over exaggerated), and that may be for some people, but definitely not me. I still think I should be living in either CO or Boston, MA.

3) There is absolutely nothing to do…I mean, I have to go way out of the way to find something entertaining to do. Alabama just isn’t the place for entertainment.

4) Tornadoes. Down here and other states close by know what I mean. April 27th the worst outbreak of tornadoes I’ve ever encountered.



  • What are some likes and dislikes of your state?
  • If you could move somewhere RIGHT NOW, where would it be? –I would move to Boston.



12 thoughts on “Likes and Dislikes of My State

  1. fitterfashionista says:

    I love that my state is just absolutely beautiful, green and stunning! Also I love that there is so much to do to keep me active since we are 90 minutes from the beach in one direction and mountains in the other. The thing I dislike is that most of our spring weather basically just means rain and little to no sun breaks!!!
    Thats so cool, I love Boston too! If I had to choose though, I would be cliche and say Hawaii. And not the touristy, “prepackaged” Hawaii but a small little village where everyone knows eachother and are content to just lounge around on the beach. Sounds ideal 😉

  2. Avery @ Southern Belle Living Well says:

    I love being in Texas because of the southern hospitality. Everyone here is generally pretty darn nice to one another. However, I’m not a big fan of the scenery. It’s hot here, so the greenery isn’t exactly the best! However, when your in the mood for a swim in April, well, we can normally accommodate that 😉

    • Audrey says:

      My sister just got married a few months ago and moved to Texas! I love Texas, hot, but its such a nice place! Over here, we usually can’t swim until Late May

  3. Miranda @ Miranda Runs says:

    Washington is a great state- most of the time! I always take the trees, greenness, and clean air for granted until I travel to another state! I don’t like how isolated I am from the rest of the country though… Seattle is SO FAR from every vacation destination, I swear… If I could move somewhere right now, I would move to Bozeeeeeman. Or Utah or Colorado! The scenery is gorgeous there 🙂

  4. eatsofagirldiscovering says:

    I am from Colorado! I love it! It is absolutely gorgeous. I love that there are so many different settings….like there is dessert and then there is the mountains! The falls here are amazing!! And the summers are perfect. But….I hate the winters! They are so cold! I am not meant to live in a col place….I want to live in California when I am older! I will be able to run outside all year round!! =]

    • Audrey says:

      You’re from CO? No fair! Its b/w CO and Boston for me. Both are great places. CO is just gorgeous!!! Winters are fun but for only so long. Haha! Cali is definitely a fun place to live. Especially southern cal

  5. Brittany @ DulceVie says:

    way to go on the 800m runs! As a rower, I am super familiar with how difficult sprinting is for a certain amount of meters (like a 6km… ick). Anyway, I like how nice it is here (in Chicago) during the summer and how pretty it gets around Christmas time. I am sick of the snow jan-march though!

    • Audrey says:

      Thanks! I’ve never rowed before, is it fun? You seem to really like it. Chicago must be awesome…I realllllly want to run the Chicago Marathon in the next couple of years or so

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