Health Nut Thursday

So, today is the first Health Nut Thursday.


Let’s talk health.

This week, I’ve learned:

  • I eat better when I have 5-6, 100-200 calorie meals…some 300 calories, but you get what I’m saying.
  • I have more energy
  • I don’t cheat hardly at all (maybe a couple extra crackers or an extra piece of fruit)
  • I feel clean (Clean food=clean body)
  • And I’m actually feeling pretty great



Yogurt bowl! Plain non-fat Greek yogurt with a little bit of the leftover quinoa protein granola and half of a banana.

You can also see my recipe for Quinoa Protein Granola right here

For a snack today, I had a whole bunch of washed baby tomatoes


A wrap with hummus, spinach, and lots of turkey and carrots on the side!


Last Night’s Workout

Last night, I ran 5 miles!


(These are definitely instagram pictures, sorry)


The warm up mile was great…then I got to mile 2 and I felt awful!!! Everything decided to hurt; my shoulder, side, leg, shoulder again, etc. I was trying to relax and breath right but it was hard and I had to stop about 3 times during mile 2. Finally it went away and the rest of the run was good…except the couple of long hills that made my leggies BURN, baby BURN!

So I’m about 3 minutes off my usual 5 mile run Sad smile

Due to hills and stopping. Ugh.

Tonight, I’m off to do speed work again…I’m thinking 6X800m repeats but…we shall see! We shall see!

And hoping for a lean, clean and green dinner! Grass fed meat and sautéed spinach sounds pretty good right now.

XOXO Audrey


  • What are you planning for dinner?
  • Are you participating in Health Nut Thursday?