Friday Faves!

It’s been a confusing and crazy week for me…but I MADE IT!

Hellooooooo, Friday! How you doin’?

Okay, maybe I shouldn’t be talking to something abstract.

Let’s move one.

Last Night’s Workout

I ran! 6 miles total but only logged 5 miles on my watch.

      • 1 mile warm up
      • 6X800m repeats (with jogs in b/w that added up to 1 mile-ish)
      • 1 mile cool down
      • A couple of fast sprints
      • Stretching


It was a good run, except the times my foot hurt. I’m starting to log more miles, so my feet hurt from all the work that is being put on my foot. Anddddd I definitely need new shoes. I wouldn’t mind the same ones I have now. Nike Lunar Glide 4 is a great light stability and for distance running. Just sayin’.


Just gonna do a quick picture here


Organic grass fed meat, sauteed spinach, a little whole wheat spaghetti and tomato sauce. Perfect. And I might have had another slice of meat. IT WAS SO GOOD Smile


Over night soaked oats with chia seeds and some other stuff (yes, there are some cheerios in there. I needed a crunch and ran out of granola). And some green tea Smile



1) Whole Foods’ 365 Almond Milk (Vanilla, unsweetened)

For some reason, it tastes realllllllly good to me. I like it more than the Almond Breeze brand. Something about the taste, its just better to me.

2) Chia Seeds!!!

I just bought some of these while I was visiting the Dekalb Farmer’s Market over Spring Break. These were so, so cheap. I never get the ones at the stores because its so expensive for so little of an amount! So, this is the first time I’ve tried Chia seeds and I’m definitely a fan!


3) Chickpeas!

These things can pretty much go with ANYTHING! You can even eat them like popcorn. And they’re so good for you! If you haven’t tried Chickpeas (Garbonzo beans), then you totally need to!


4) One serving English Muffins

Lori and Michelle are like super foodie geniuses, I mean check out this english muffin recipe. It is so easy and I personally, just love IT! I still want to experiment with it, but the taste is yummay! (That is their picture, not mine! I can’t get mine to look that perfect!)

5) Streets and Alleys—The game!

Have you ever played this game? EXPLANATION: There is a cop, a burglar and lots of people. The people are standing in rows like in the picture below. Someone will say “streets”, everyone gets in to streets position. Thee burglar must get away from the cop. But when someone yells “alleys”, everyone turns into alleys and the burglar is stuck in that alley. I played it yesterday in theatre, and I got stuck in the alley and screamed realllllly loud because the guy playing the cop was like right beside me and “caught” me. It’s just one of those games that make everything seem terrifying. I don’t know.

6) Raisins

I never (maybe like twice a year) eat raisins…ever. So, when I got some the other day to make that granola, I have discovered my LOVE  for them. They are so good! They remind me of mini fried dates.


7) My dad sending me this picture of a chickadee this morning ❤


8) Putting powdered stevia in popcorn.

It makes it taste like kettle corn…but its not. Tricky, tricky Winking smile

9) Drinking green tea in place of coffee

Green tea in the morning makes me feel tens time better! I hate the idea of having coffee in control. I want to be in control. No headaches, no drowsiness. I feel better.


10) Revlon Brown Colorstay Eyeliner

I usually use black/brown but I’ve been using plain brown and I actually like it way more than the black/brown.


Okay, that’s all my faves for today!

Just got back from a visit with my grandmom and her yorkie, Tanner Smile


XOXO Audrey

Have a healthy and happy weekend!


  • Do you have a dog? What kind is it?
  • What are some of your FAVE things right now?
  • Do you like Chia seeds?

6 thoughts on “Friday Faves!

  1. Miranda @ Miranda Runs says:

    I have a dog! She’s a miniature schnauzer bichon frise! Big name for a 15-pound dog 🙂 I’m still getting used to chia seeds. There’s just something about them that irks me and I don’t know exactly what! By the way, the link to your Luna Glide’s is a youtube video in a different language?

    • Audrey says:

      Thanks for telling me that lol! I fixed it:) Chia seeds don’t really have a taste, but they make things taste better…or at least thats how I think of it. That is definitely a big name for a tiny dog, lol!

  2. eatsofagirldiscovering says:

    I love chia seeds! I love putting them in my oats!! I also love green tea I have them every morning! I am loving the new Bgrags Liquid aminos I found! Its like healthy soy sauce! I out it on so many things! I am loving that I am on spring break right now…but its almost over! But on the bright side I am loving that it is getting to feel like spring in CO!

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