My Heart Hurts & I Love You, Boston

Yesterday, I was thinking of what I was going to write about. I was planning to write about the joyful Marathon Monday and how excited I was.

But when 3 o’clock rolled around (central time), I looked down at my phone and tweets were buzzing like crazy about a bombing…in Boston? At the marathon?


I turned on the news and I was looking at two bombs that went off at the finish line.

First off, I am really angry. I want to punch whoever did it in the face.


1) People died and death is not a light subject. Its taking someone’s 1 life away.

2) A marathon is NOT easy. They train for months or even years to get into Boston and then they train more to run it! And all those people that were coming in that popular time (4:09) that thought they were going to have a great time and get to go rest after 26.2 miles ended up being right in the middle of a horrific event.

Secondly, it made me tear up. I hated seeing those people in pain like that. Perfectly innocent people!


1) That someone would even want to do that. WHO DOES THAT? Give me a good logical answer for doing that and killing innocent people…watching a marathon!!? There is no logical answer.

2) Seeing those hurt people on the ground. Breaks my heart.


Birmingham, AL had a lot of runners go run the Boston marathon and thankfully the ones I know are okay and lots more!

Here’s an article from a fellow BTC member Click here

Another article on more Alabama runners

I am also glad that Sarah left to go get in a run before the bomb went off!

I am thankful a lot of my instagram friends from Boston are okay!

I could say more and more and more and more but I think everyone feels the same as I.

Let’s keep the runners and people affected in our thoughts and prayers!

P.S. This only makes me want to run more. Who is with me?

I am running 4.09 miles for Boston today because that was the time on the clock when the first bomb went off!

XOXO Audrey

  • Do you have any friends or family that was running Boston?