Friday Faves 4/19



Ahhhhh, adorable! I couldn’t help it.

Okay so this morning I forgot to take a picture of breakfast.

It was eggs and waffles. Very uncreative. I need more easy clean breakfast food ideas. Throw ‘em at me if you got any! **

So here’s what my breakfast would have looked like if I would have taken a picture today. Sorry for the recycled photo, guys.


I feel like somebody would say…



Anyway, so a few of my faves I’ve been loving this week.

I took a trip to Target the other day over the weekend and found some new things I’m kinda in love with.

Essie nail polish.


Anything Peplum…sorry this picture doesn’t do the shirt justice. Its super cute. AT TARGET, my fashion friends! I have another shirt, that’s super cute, that I will share with you on Sunday! But Peplum is where its at, kids.


I actually wore this shirt to an interview that I had Tuesday.

I love Botanics products and found this cleanser. A few of the reviews were really good, so I thought, why not try it. I love the way it makes my face feel. I still need to keep using it though because I doubt just using it 5 times, isn’t going to be enough. I’ll let you know how it works 2 weeks from now.


Those are my faves from this week!

**I need some new food products to try…anyone got any ideas?

XX Audrey



  • What are some of your favorite products lately?
  • Got any fun weekend plans?