Not the Average 18 Year Old

Hi, I’m back! I was going to blog yesterday, but after I finished up my run, I had to study for two major tests…which I don’t feel like I did my best on.

I did, however, make a 94 on my huge AP Research/Lit paper. Which, is cray cray. Because, I wasn’t even sure if I did everything right. Apparently I did…just a couple of grammar mistakes.


Today I reallllllly, want to talk about something. No pictures of food or my workouts (you can check out my instagram for that * @audreyruns)

I know a lot of other teenagers follow my blog, so I thought this was appropriate.

Shall I begin?

To the average person…I’m pretty weird.

Why is that?

  • I eat real and healthy food.
    • I eat salads and enjoy them? I make protein smoothies? “What’s that?”…some say to me. I enjoy almond butter more than cake (oh yeahh, almond butter is where its at). I would turn down eggs and fried sausage cooked in a pound of butter. I skip the dressings at restaurants because I don’t know the ingredients. I would rather eat an apple instead of a muffin. I haven’t touched pop tarts since I was 10.
  • I haven’t had McDonald’s since I was in 6th grade.
    • Actually…I have hardly been to any fast food restuarants since then. I’ve been to Subway and Chick fil a, but still, I don’t get anything crappy.
  • I run and enjoy it way too much.
    • Some people run a mile and that’s the end of their workout…for me, that’s just a warm-up. I like running 800m repeats, etc, and running long runs on the weekends. (14 milers, heck yes). Some people hate how running makes them feel. I LOVE it. Oh, and I do wake up at 5 AM over the summer to run before it gets hot. (Dedication, baby, dedication!)
  • I like a challenge.
    • I like trying the toughest workout for my self that I know will kick my butt 10X harder than anything else. And I like to push myself to finish the workout.
    • I just don’t know many Americans anymore that are driven to take a challenge…especially a fitness challenge. So…..
  • I hate rest days.
    • Um, hello, rest day? EW. I know I need it but boy, do I hate it. I feel so blah and bored without doing some sort of workout.
  • I would rather wear running clothes the rest of my life.
    • For real. I like heels, jeans, blouses, dresses, etc, but running clothes…are so awesome. Lululemon? Why, yes, I would love to wear Lulu’s everyday.
    • Running shoes? RUNNING SHOES ARE MY JOY!
  • I make weird food concoctions
    • Well, it’s not “weird” but its not normal food. Other people eat waffles and pop tarts, etc. for breakfast. I like eating coconut flour waffles, chia seed greek yogurt parfaits, protein smoothies, a french toast scramble, protein pancakes, protein eggy oats…5 years ago, I would’ve been like “Whaaaaattt?”
  • I drink green tea, chamomile tea, and other kinds everyday.
    • Who does that?….apparently I do.
  • I enjoy every bit of healthy living and fitness…so much, that I blog about it.
    • Do you know many 18 year olds who blog about what I blog about?
    • No.
    • I know a handful…but they don’t live anywhere near me.

But its okay that I’m like this. Because I love it.

If you love something…do it! Make it a career, make it a hobby, make it part of your daily life!

Health and fitness is kinda like coffee to me.

Without it, I feel lost.

P.S. Recently, I took up “quitting coffee”….and it was a great idea, don’t get me wrong. But I reallllllly reallllly started to miss my black cup of joe in the mornings and afternoons.


  • What do you think about blogging at such a young age?
  • Do you look up or look down to young bloggers?
  • Do you love health and fitness as much as I do?
  • What’s something about yourself that isn’t normal to the average person?