Not the Average 18 Year Old

Hi, I’m back! I was going to blog yesterday, but after I finished up my run, I had to study for two major tests…which I don’t feel like I did my best on.

I did, however, make a 94 on my huge AP Research/Lit paper. Which, is cray cray. Because, I wasn’t even sure if I did everything right. Apparently I did…just a couple of grammar mistakes.


Today I reallllllly, want to talk about something. No pictures of food or my workouts (you can check out my instagram for that * @audreyruns)

I know a lot of other teenagers follow my blog, so I thought this was appropriate.

Shall I begin?

To the average person…I’m pretty weird.

Why is that?

  • I eat real and healthy food.
    • I eat salads and enjoy them? I make protein smoothies? “What’s that?”…some say to me. I enjoy almond butter more than cake (oh yeahh, almond butter is where its at). I would turn down eggs and fried sausage cooked in a pound of butter. I skip the dressings at restaurants because I don’t know the ingredients. I would rather eat an apple instead of a muffin. I haven’t touched pop tarts since I was 10.
  • I haven’t had McDonald’s since I was in 6th grade.
    • Actually…I have hardly been to any fast food restuarants since then. I’ve been to Subway and Chick fil a, but still, I don’t get anything crappy.
  • I run and enjoy it way too much.
    • Some people run a mile and that’s the end of their workout…for me, that’s just a warm-up. I like running 800m repeats, etc, and running long runs on the weekends. (14 milers, heck yes). Some people hate how running makes them feel. I LOVE it. Oh, and I do wake up at 5 AM over the summer to run before it gets hot. (Dedication, baby, dedication!)
  • I like a challenge.
    • I like trying the toughest workout for my self that I know will kick my butt 10X harder than anything else. And I like to push myself to finish the workout.
    • I just don’t know many Americans anymore that are driven to take a challenge…especially a fitness challenge. So…..
  • I hate rest days.
    • Um, hello, rest day? EW. I know I need it but boy, do I hate it. I feel so blah and bored without doing some sort of workout.
  • I would rather wear running clothes the rest of my life.
    • For real. I like heels, jeans, blouses, dresses, etc, but running clothes…are so awesome. Lululemon? Why, yes, I would love to wear Lulu’s everyday.
    • Running shoes? RUNNING SHOES ARE MY JOY!
  • I make weird food concoctions
    • Well, it’s not “weird” but its not normal food. Other people eat waffles and pop tarts, etc. for breakfast. I like eating coconut flour waffles, chia seed greek yogurt parfaits, protein smoothies, a french toast scramble, protein pancakes, protein eggy oats…5 years ago, I would’ve been like “Whaaaaattt?”
  • I drink green tea, chamomile tea, and other kinds everyday.
    • Who does that?….apparently I do.
  • I enjoy every bit of healthy living and fitness…so much, that I blog about it.
    • Do you know many 18 year olds who blog about what I blog about?
    • No.
    • I know a handful…but they don’t live anywhere near me.

But its okay that I’m like this. Because I love it.

If you love something…do it! Make it a career, make it a hobby, make it part of your daily life!

Health and fitness is kinda like coffee to me.

Without it, I feel lost.

P.S. Recently, I took up “quitting coffee”….and it was a great idea, don’t get me wrong. But I reallllllly reallllly started to miss my black cup of joe in the mornings and afternoons.


  • What do you think about blogging at such a young age?
  • Do you look up or look down to young bloggers?
  • Do you love health and fitness as much as I do?
  • What’s something about yourself that isn’t normal to the average person?

16 thoughts on “Not the Average 18 Year Old

  1. eatsofagirldiscovering says:

    I am so with you on all those!! We are so similar! haha. I hate rest days to…it is so hard for me to take them. Health and fitness is my is how I live my life. I would not want it any other way! I think it is great that we both have blogs at a young age…it is a good way to express ourselves. I am defiantly not the typical college student. I don’t party, drink, smoke, eat junk, skip class or do any of that. I am the exact opposite actually haha…and I am PROUD of it. I am proud to be different!
    P.S. Good job on your AP paper girl!!

  2. Yo Momma Runs says:

    I love that you are so dedicated to eating great and running! I want my kids to be like you one day. Do you think your parents helped you find this path? I’m just curious what I can do to help my kids make similar choices. My daughter has started saying that she thinks McDonald’s is gross, so I consider that a huge parenting success.:)

    • Audrey says:

      Aw thanks! Once my dad started running, I picked it up after a few months and its been about 5 years since then. My dad always encouraged me to run and never stopped encouraging, so I think one day it just clicked! With Healthy eating/clean eating, I sort of started on my own. We stopped drinking cokes, pop tarts, sugary cereals, candy when I was about 10, so that helped. But a couple years ago I discovered the Tone It Up girls (, and they changed my life. They taught me how to eat real food, stay motivated, never quit, and how much healthy eating helps you (not just with your body shape, but your beauty/long life too!)
      And highly recommend Cross Country for kids! I just did cross country this year and OMG it changed my whole point of view of running. It took it to another level. I wish I would have done it back in middle school.
      Good thing she thinks McDonald’s is gross, that is a success! 🙂

  3. Miranda @ Miranda Runs says:

    I totally understand it! This is totally me in a nutshell. Running = amazing! I miss it sooooo much. I hate rest days. It feels like all I can do right now is rest besides walking (cardio wise) so I’m reeeeally nervous about my half marathon

  4. Avery @ Southern Belle Living Well says:

    Agreed! I’m not as into running as you (yet! It’ll happen!), but I love finding healthy, “weird” recipes to try. Trying ingredient substitutions? FUN!! I love blogging, especially all the amazing friends I’ve made (it’s crazy just how kind and supportive everyone is!). I don’t plan on stopping anytime soon, that’s for sure!

  5. Natasha says:

    I definitely see where you are coming from in all aspects of the health and fitness world. Being healthy and active is a wonderful privilege, but always be careful not to overdo it. From my own personal experience, being too dedicated can make you miss out on a lot of things in life; sure almond butter is fantastic, but eating a slice of cake on occasion with friends will be okay :). And remember, rest days are essential. Learning how to balance being healthy and active in the real world is so important because you want to make the most of your life and not be trapped by a routine because when you go to college you can miss out on a lot of fun times!

    hahah, i didn’t mean to sound like such a “debbie downer”…

    I still think that being fit and healthy is sooooooo important, though!! But learning how to integrate that into real life and be okay when things disrupt a routine is a HUGE hurdle to overcome for people that are dedicated!!!


    • Audrey says:

      I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to make it sound like I don’t enjoy myself and take rest days. Believe me, I do. That’s what my whole blog is about. Be in shape, so every once in a while, you can have a cupcake and not feel guilty.

      Thanks for the comment

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