Motivational Monday: Maintaining a Healthy Balance Collaboration

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A couple of weeks ago, Michelle from Skana Spa, reached out to me about collaborating on a post about being motivated. I had to say yes because I loved the idea so much! It’s definitely something I promote in my daily life, so this was an awesome opportunity. Michelle was kind (and awesome) enough to write some amazing ways/tips for ISC readers. Please take a look!

Maintain a Healthy Balance in your life:

  • Life is about balance. Most people have a number of different wants and they want to experience them all. Of course, there are only so many hours in a day and only so much the human mind, body, and spirit can handle before becoming completely exhausted. Oftentimes these wants can exist as seemingly bitter rivals. Exercise and food seem to be the paradigmatic case. We exercise so we can eat and we eat because we exercise– they put equal and opposite effects towards each other. How is it possible to take these opposing forces and make them balance out?

Adjust Your Nutrient Intake:

  • This doesn’t mean to go on a diet as much as it means to monitor your diet. The former is a means of cutting back on foodstuffs and trying to effectively starve your body into being thin. Evolutionarily, your body is programmed to have this method fail. The latter isn’t counting calories but being aware of the different nutritional needs you have from your activity level. Say you’ve been running a lot more than usual. Your body is burning through glycogen and carbs a higher rate, meaning you’ll have to eat more. If you’re weight lifting, ingesting more proteins to heal your body will help make you stronger. Adjust your nutrient intake in relation to the activities you do on a given day.

Keep Track of Your Meals and Activities:

  • Keep both an exercise and meal journal. This isn’t to see how many calories you’ve burned and are now allowed to consume. It’s to remind yourself visually of the balance you’re trying to accomplish. If you’ve ran or biked ten miles but haven’t eaten in ten hours, it’s probably advisable for you to go eat something nutritious.

Exercise Because You Want to, Not Because You Have to:

  • Forcing yourself to do something is the quickest way to resent it. Remember why you want to exercise. Not why you have to. If you continually say, “I have to do this,” you’re spawning negativity in your mind which translates to an imbalance in how you act.
  • The biggest step in balancing everything is recognizing that the two aren’t necessarily bitter opposites of the other. Nor should they be. If anything has been shown here, it’s that food and exercise exist in a symbiotic relationship. In order to be successful in balancing them, they need to be considered as different faces on the same coin. This view of balance and cooperation is what is going to guarantee success in both of your pursuits.

Here is an example of an inspiration board:

  • What better way to boost motivation than to treat yourself to some fabulous workout gear or a fresh pair of new kicks?  Bright colored apparel, like this pair of Asics from Zappos, is a popular trend this spring.  Bright colors so appropriate for the warm weather and motivation!  I think music and quotes inspire me the most.  I love this motivational quote tank from The Hunt; also in a fun-bright color, so perfect!  But my new passion lies with tennis.  I’m not a pro by any means, but I like that I can play all year-round near my work, at the Turning Stone Resort.  No excuses to skip out on exercise if it’s open year-round.  From my work experience, anytime you’re increasing your daily physical activity, it’s important to stretch your muscles to help prevent injury.  Simple yoga poses like “Warrior”, (pictured below) are simple stretches that can be done in the comfort of your own home.  Yoga is great for beginners and the more advanced athlete.  But the biggest change that makes the most difference in how you feel is in your diet.  Simple swaps for sugary snacks, makes a difference in your energy level. Personally, I don’t think it’s healthy to cut foods out, but rather incorporate healthy foods into daily meals.  Luckily we live in an age where finding delicious healthy recipes like Mexican Paleo Pizza. Yum! I am not on the Paleo diet, but this recipe sounds really tasty!  If you’re going to start eating healthier, it’s best to keep an open mind and try new things!

Healthy Balance - yoga, tennis and pizza


I also created my own Motivational Pinterest board on my Pinterest, so just click the image and it will take you to the board! I always pin things, so check back for more motivation pictures on the board.

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 How Does Audrey Stay Motivated?

  • Mainly through what I see my other blogger friends do, the thought of feeling awesome after a workout, eating the right foods and feeling good about it, knowing I will live a long, healthy life, and that I motivate other people.
  • I also follow lots of fit people on Instagram and look at motivational boards, much like mine above, on Pinterest when I need a little inspiration.
  • Keep in mind that you are doing this for your body. Make living a healthy and fit lifestyle something you are proud of. Make it fun and enjoy every single bit of it!



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I’ve realized, as a senior, I’m definitely getting Senioritis and it’s beginning to get difficult for me to do anything right now (except with running…I don’t mind running). So, until I graduate, I’m going to be using Instagram a LOT to keep up with the blogging world because its right there and easy to get too!

Question of the Day!

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  • What’s your go-to workout routine?