Really…it’s right around the corner

Hey guys!

Long time no see! For real, that senioritis kicked in majorly. This is the first time I’ve actually opened up my laptop (I’ve been chillin’ with my Ipad) to write a post or even to browse on it.

I have purposely avoided anything that feels like an assignment or requires too much thinking. Why? I guess it makes it feel like the days go by faster (SO GRADUATION GETS HERE FASTER)

And…guess what?

Graduation is in 1 WEEK! Seriously, it is right around the corner. So close!

Yesterday was my last day of school and Thursday, I have a 2 hour exam and then…I’m OFFICIALLY done, baby.

Okay, enough of that.

Update on my life:

  • I got a job (I’m not going to say where, just because I don’t feel comfortable enough to)
  • It is a retail job though and I kinda like it, kinda don’t…
  • I hardly got to run last week and I feel like it just messed me all up
  • Gluten has not been my best friend lately…or at least I think its gluten
  • We (meaning me, my dad and mom) are going to try again on 1 month or longer of 100% gluten free. We experimented once back in August and loved it, so we wanta try it again.
  • I NEED a recipe for cake, pie, or cupcakes for graduation (Preferably gluten free and extremely tasty and non-simple. I want something creative) So if ya got some ideas, throw ‘em at me!
  • Still want to go to Boston. Someone put me on a plane please. 


Tomorrow I’m gonna go try to find a dress for graduation…so I’ll update ya on that tomorrow! OMG it feels good to want to actually blog and do things. Sigh…***insert a really big smile***

XX Audrey

P.S. What’s up with you? UPDATE ME! Smile