I’m Baaaackk

Hey there blog readers…

Okay, so I took a long break from blogging. Why? I had no inspiration. I had nothing to write about and if I did, I didn’t really have any motivation to write.

I’m not one to sit here and write about my entire day because I find that a teensy-weensy boring…so I just closed everything up for a while until I felt that spark ignite again.

Some interesting things that’s happened since the last time I wrote:

I graduated…

me and lance graduation

I PR’d (5K) and came in 2nd place overall female! I had a time of 25:07. I was so close to getting under 25 minutes. Next time!

I went to my first ever golf tournament (LOVE IT! And want to go to more!)

Except…I got soaked so bad by the rain…and I was wearing all white. That did not turn out well for me by the end of the day. Sad smile

I finalllllly went to Brio Tuscan Grille and lemme say, that place is rockin’. Hoping to go again. It would be a great place for a date!

And I’ve been running! Like a crazy girl!

You runners, if you don’t already know, the more training you do in the hot heat of the summer, the better you are as a runner in the FALL! So keep up the running. Your pace may slow down a bit, but that’s normal.

I have a couple of other things to put on the blog, but I’ll let ya know that in another post!

And I hope I can gain back your blog reading. It’s entirely my fault for not writing. I promise more recipes and workouts!!!

Stay fit and healthy!

XOXO Audrey

9 thoughts on “I’m Baaaackk

  1. Mary says:

    Welcome back!
    And well done on placing 2nd and a super speedy 5k PB time! 🙂
    I’ve entered an Autumn marathon with the hope that training all Summer through the heat will give me a nice cool day for marathon day and I can smash my PB…Fingers crossed!

  2. Clell Adams says:

    Keep in mind that you have a lot to offer, and you have a passion to help others to be motivated to improve their lives. I’m glad you’re back too!

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