New Adventures

Sometimes, we find new things, new experiments, new opportunities, etc…and well, I found my new opportunity.

I have been thinking about doing this for a while. I see so many fitness gurus on Instagram doing it, so I FINALLY decided to commit!

I am a Beach Body Coach! I already mentioned this in my last post. But wanted to talk about it a little more.

What is it that I do? Why? How come? Is it really a business?

Let’s start from the beginning…

1) What is it that I do?

I am here to share the products, success stories, (hoping to have my own success story soon!), motivate people, support people, and tons more.

I’m excited about doing this because its similar to what I’m going to have as my future career. Similar.

2) Why am I doing this?

Because I FEEL like its what I need to do right now. It makes sense to me. Helping people and making a job out of this? Could it get any better! I’m just really excited for all the positivity as well. It is simply amazing how supportive everyone is! I’m still taking it all in.

3) Is this really a business?

Yes…once you are a beach body coach, you automatically have your own sites and its time for you to learn the business…just like any business. And I’m thankful I got some team members here to help me out! It’s really overwhelming. And yes, you get paid. We get commission for what we share. Notice I’m not using sell. I don’t see this as selling. I’m here to help people by sharing.

4) What am I looking for?

I’m looking for 2 people (who have a passion for health and fitness like me) who would love to join my team and start Beach Body Coaching together!

  • And sorry I didn’t post on Tuesday and Wednesday. Had to work both days and they were so stressful. I survived though.
  • And I am also thinking about getting a Polar FT4 watch so if any of you have one and would like to give me some feedback, pleaseeeeee do!

XX Audrey