Food Friday: Beverage Style

Happy Friday! So excited about today’s post!

I was simply thrilled when Cocozia shot me an email asking me if I would like to review their coconut water.

Natural Made Green TeaIMG_20130813_173617


Pure and simple, hydration is essential to life.
COCOZIA® Coconut Water is exactly that: a pure, natural hydration source containing not only water from the green coconut, but essential electrolytes too.
COCOZIA® contains a natural abundance of potassium and magnesium, as well as other electrolytes. Electrolytes are directly involved with body hydration and muscle function. Better to get yours from a natural source like COCOZIA® than from a sugary, synthetic sports drink alternative.
That’s how they drink coconut water in the islands, but fortunately, COCOZIA® has made it a little easier for you here! All the natural elements and flavor, without the need to carry a coconut to your work-out!


I’m a big fan of coconut water! I think its vital for people who workout hard and run!

I’m also a health nut, so the fact that it was 100% coconut water AND organic, made it even better.

I’ve been posting it here and there on my blog the last couple of weeks, reviewing it. I’ve been testing it out on my runs and both my parents love it as well.


We are coconut water fanatics.

I really hope I see this product in stores like Whole Foods, Publix, Earth Fare, The Fresh Market (all my favorite places, obviously)

Why Do I Drink Coconut Water?

Last year when I started running hard for Cross Country, running long runs, training for my half marathon, etc., my stomach would hurt a lot. I kept researching why, and found out why when Christina had the same problem! NOT ENOUGH ELECTROLYTES! I was drinking tons of water but no electrolytes and without electrolytes, you can not perform and feel as good after on your workouts/runs.

DSC09136me with cocozia

So, I’m a health nut, as I mentioned above, and am not about to drink Gatorade, yuck. So, already a fan of coconut water, I made it a staple in my house. We usually always have coconut water on hand during training season. 262677_398359616909699_724523256_n

I drink coconut water after my runs now and my stomach never hurts! Electrolytes are so important! Especially if you are doing long distance running!

half marathon medal

So, with that said, you should definitely remember to drink more than water. I highly recommend Cocozia because it is an organic coconut water and you can be 100% sure you’re drinking the right stuff!

Disclosure: Cocozia asked me and sent me their product to review, but all opinions are my own.

And I wanted to share my salad from last night…it was so pretty!



  • What is your favorite drink to hydrate with?
  • What three ingredients are best on a salad?
  • Have you ran a half marathon?

10 thoughts on “Food Friday: Beverage Style

  1. Mary says:

    I like coconut water but never really thought about drinking it on long runs to be honest. I find sports drinks are too sweet for me once I’ve been out running for longer than 90mins so it’s worth giving this a shot instead!
    Favourite salad ingredients are pesto, egg and cranberries (although probably not all in the same salad!)

  2. Clell Adams says:

    The minerals in the CocoZia definitely help with recovery on those long runs when you sweat sooo much. I’ve read that in emergencies coconut water can be used in the place of blood in an IV to help someone who has lost a lot of blood.

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