Bloglovin’ Tuesday #2

Good morning, good morning!

I hope all of you are having a good start of the week!

Last week, I did my first Bloglovin’ Tuesday. I decided that I’ll do them now when I discover a blog or two or just one of my favorite blogs!

So there’s two blog I discovered yesterday and I now have them bookmarked..hehe

Barefoot Colorado

Oh my goodness, her blog is adorable! I love it! Marissa even attended blog school (which is a really good idea) and tells you all about it. She’s such a fit, sporty, fashionable girl and I can’t wait to read more of her blog!



I love recipes that are so easy to make and most of the ingredients are in your house…Meet Juli! She takes food to a whole other level! Tina from Carrotsncake just mentioned her this morning!

All her recipes are paleo friendly and look quite delicious! I’m over here still bookmarking recipes!

Dessert Main2

I’ll see y’all tomorrow for What I Ate Wednesday!

xx audrey

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