Beach Recap

Hey loves!

I am back from vacation and it’s time to get back in gear.

I love vacation and never want to leave, but I miss my clean eats! So, when we arrived home, I threw together a quick meal of lean ground turkey and steamed broccoli with hummus and a rice cake.

Now onto my beach recap. First off, we just decided to go Friday afternoon. It was totally spontaneous which was so much more fun. We quickly got ready and headed down to Destin!

We made some stops along the way


We stopped at Priester’s Pecans!

We sampled pecans and coffee…and I bought a shirt.


It wasn’t long after that stop, we arrived in Destin! We couldn’t wait to get to this little cottage!

It was just so cute! We enjoyed staying here! Definitely want to go back!



We made breakfast and then got ready to go look around 30A. I loveeeeee 30A. If you haven’t went, you must! Last time I was at the beach, we rode bicycles all the way through 30A and back (20 miles or so) and it was awesome…except for the massive sunburn I ended up having.

We made sure to stop at AMAVIDA, an organic coffee and tea place.


Iced Chai Tea Please!


Finally, after a few hours, we started to get really hungry. The Crab Trap seemed to have got the vote! So we went!

My mom and dad shared a plate, and me and my sister shared a plate.

Lydia and I decided to get the Snapper and Shrimp plate with veggies and fries…and I’m so glad we decided to share because I could not have eaten all of this by myself without feeling like a whale.


We chilled for a bit after we got done. Had to snap this pic of my parents…

mom and dadIMG_20130914_143449

We ended up chilling some more at the cottage and called it a day. We woke up early though…


We headed to the beach before breakfast and thought we were going to be walking on the beach for a while before everyone else…but a church was having a service out on the beach and was inviting everyone to come and join. So, we did!

Photo: Church on the beach!

The message was really good. It was about forgiving. You need to forgive yourself, forgive others, and ask God to forgive you but most importantly RECEIVE his forgiveness. There are a lot of people who ask God to forgive them, but “feel” like he didn’t forgive them. Which, would be calling God a liar. They forget to believe that God ALWAYS forgives. He loves you! So, remember to receive His blessings!IMG_20130915_100135

We stopped at a coffee shop on our way back home and enjoyed our coffee in this little area they had set up in the backyard. So cute!


Later that afternoon I got in a vacation workout and got my sweat on. Lots of box jumps, burpees, and lunges were involved! And pushups! My chest was definitely sore Monday!

Sunday dinner…


Then we went walking on the beach again and watched the sunset! It was so beautiful.


I started with this…Strawberry banana chocolate Designer Whey Protein Smoothie


We packed and relaxed before we left.

Didn’t want to leave!



Here’s us trying to be all serious, I guess. I actually have no idea what we were doing!

trying to be cool


Around lunch time, we saw this cool looking Mexican place to eat called Pepito’s so we stopped to eat there. I got a chicken taco salad.


And I’m so mad at myself because after we stopped at Starbucks to get a coffee (Café Americano to be exact), we HAD to stop at this place that had Gelato. We didn’t try it last time we were there so we made sure to do it this time. I ended up getting some Pistachio Gelato and really wish I would have taken a picture. I had to eat it kind of fast because it was melting!


And that’s about it folks! Here’s some Beach Pictures for you to gaze at…



  • What’s your favorite thing to do at the beach?
  • Have your tried Gelato? (This was my first time trying it!)
  • Have you been on 30A?