On a Quest (Review!!!!)

The week before I headed to the beach, Quest sent me a sample pack of all their bars to review.

I was in Quest heaven! I love Quest bars ❤


I have been eating them over the past few weeks, sampling them and sharing them with my family. We’ve really enjoyed them and I thought it would be great to share my experience with the bars for any one who has not tried them yet!

Quest Bar Nutrition Facts

  • Gluten free
  • No added sugars
  • High Protein (around 20g!!!)
  • Around 3-5g of active carbs

These bars a perfect for pre workout, post workout, added to Greek yogurt, baked like a cookie, or just eaten out of the wrapper for a snack. I was super thankful I had these for my trip to the beach. Perfect road trip treat!

There are a ton of flavors! So, I don’t want to bore you so I will share my absolute favorites! Okay, there’s a tie between the chocolate chip cookie dough and the chocolate brownie…but I choose the brownie!!!!

It is seriously the best bar when I’m craving something sweet. It fixes the problem, plus there is no added sugars and there is plenty of protein!


Ok, I actually liked the apple pie! I was a little unsure about this one…but OMG I really liked it! Tasted like…apple pie! Which is one of my favorite kind of pies Smile

apple pie

Next flavor I’m a huge fan of….White Chocolate Raspberry! Oh my goodness, like please do yourself a favor and stock up on these! They are so good. If you don’t like them, then…I don’t know…you should!


Good ole chocolate chip cookie dough! This one tastes so good if you stick it in the oven for 5 minutes on each side around 350 degrees. It’s like a chocolate chip cookie! You will thank me, I promise.


Okay, I love peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. So when I saw that there was a PB&J Quest bar, I did get a bit excited! Haha, but really…so yummy! If you aren’t someone who eats sandwiches a lot (like me) then this is a perfect replacement!


I loved all the quest bars, believe me! All of them are delicious! They are chewy, so if you aren’t a fan of chewy, just bake the bar on 350 for 5 minutes on each side and throw it in a sandwich bag to bring with you!

But, if you are looking for the perfect protein bar, these should be your top pick, in my opinion. At only around 200 calories each, these bars are perfect to add to your meal, or eat as a snack, or a dessert! So enjoy and when you stop at a GNC, you should totally grab one! Smile Or you can go online and order a sampler pack, a box of your favorite, etc…click here

Alrighty, glad I finally found time to share this with you! Hope all of you have a fantastic Thursday!


  • Have you tried Quest Bars yet?
  • What is your favorite flavor?

Need a Schedule

Hey all!

Yes, I have not blogged at all the past few days. Sorry about that.

I just got a new job and I’ve been running a lot too and those two have been my priority.

I am really excited right now and really thankful.

Hopefully, by next week, I’ll figure out a schedule to blog, workout, and work.

Bloggers, any advice for juggling blogging, working out, and work??

XX Audrey