$100 #Swanson30DayGiveaway!


Hey guys! I’ve been anticipating this post for a while now!

Swanson is the best! My dad introduced me to the site when I was about 16 and he would order vitamins and protein powder from them all the time (still does by the way). About a year ago, I started buying all my favorite health products from them.

Swanson has such a good variety of products and I usually find new things to try (which is really fun…for me). Here’s what I ordered on my last purchase.Products together


My new favorite cereal, Spoonfuls. I found this cereal at Earthfare a while ago and saw that Swanson had it, so I bought it. It tastes so good with almond milk!

active dry yeast

I plan on making homemade bread soon and I haven’t found any yeast packets at my local grocery, so Swanson came to the rescue. If you have any homemade bread recipes, let me know!

arrowroot starch

So…the original bag that the Arrowroot Starch came in, got a hole poked in it so I had to put them in these containers (which I would have done anyway because arrowroot is quite the mess). But, the Purely Twins have great recipes that call for arrowroot so I usually stock up on it!

Beef Jerkycoconut flour

I never had beef jerky until I opened this bag of jerky. Let me just say, it’s absolutely delicious! I looked for the healthiest one out there too. It has no preservatives or added MSG and low on sugar too.

And I’m obsessed with Coconut Flour. I use it at least once a day. I either make coconut flour waffles/pancakes or mix it with my Greek yogurt to make it thicker. Anyway, I got the biggest bag I saw! Never running out!

gum wheat grassKodiak Cakeslcarnitine

Some new things I got:

  • Wheat Grass Juice Powder—> Going to be putting these in my green smoothies
  • Peelu Xylitol Gum—> Actually tastes pretty good!
  • Kodiak Cakes—>I’ve heard these taste REALLY good so I’m saving them for Christmas morning!
  • L-Carnitine Liquid—> I’ve only used this a couple of times. It’s a tropical punch flavor so its alright! But I’m hoping it helps me out on my morning workouts.
  • Stevia—> Okay, NOT new but I loveeeeee my stevia. This is the best stevia out there to me. It’s my favorite and I hate to be without!
  • Sunbutter—> Oh my goodness, I’m in love with this seed butter. It is so creamy but very rich, so watch out!
  • Justin’s Almond Butter—> No wonder why everyone loves it, it tastes like Heaven!
  • Mega Green Barley Juice Powder—> A new product I can’t wait to put in my green smoothies!

Nutbutter and Mega Green

And now, for the best part…one of my readers will be able to win a $100 shopping spree to Swanson! What a great Christmas present!

To enter this giveaway…follow the instructions on the LINK below:

LINK TO ENTER!!! #Swansons30DayGiveaway

Good luck and have a wonderful Christmas!

Be blessed, y’all Smile