WIAW: What Audrey’s Been Eating

Happy WIAW! Ready for a post full of what I’ve been eating? I’m not here to like brag or think you just want to stare at my food…but I’m here posting this to share some ideas with you! I hope my meals can give you inspiration!

Peas and Crayons

AND thank you Jenn, Peas & Crayons, for always hosting this lovely foodie Wednesday for us to come together and connect through delicious eats and recipes!

(Foods are from Sunday-Tuesday, not all were documented, just the lucky ones I managed to snap a pic of!)

In no particular order…


My Favorite Sandwich Recipe

Organic Ancient Grains Toast with coconut oil, muenster cheese, and chicken salad with grapes and cranberries and an apple on the side.

IMG_20140505_182450 (1)IMG_20140505_182527

Garlic Cod fish, pasta with alfredo, sauteed greens/peppers/mushrooms


Pumpkin Granola, 1/2 Banana, almond milk, organic peanut butter.

A snack bar from Cascadian Farms that you should try.


Apple & Strawberries



Pecans=healthy fats

Pink Smoothie from my Pink & Nutrient Packed Smoothie RECIPE


Juicing ingredients!


Mediterranean Salad from Taziki’s!

There ya have it! Stay tuned for a giveaway this Friday!


  • What is your favorite meal you’ve eaten this week?
  • What’s your favorite healthy restaurant?

10 thoughts on “WIAW: What Audrey’s Been Eating

  1. Kaylin@EnticingHealthyEating says:

    Hello there! I just discovered your blog and I saw that you’re an IIN student too?! I just started in February this year and I’m in LOVE with the program. I can’t wait to be a certified holistic health coach! We should connect and maybe share tips/tricks/advice and practice some health histories sometime! Email me if you like. 🙂 Wish you the best of luck with the program! Nice to “meet” you on your blog, Audrey.

  2. Jan @ Sprouts n Squats says:

    There is a great vegetarian restaurant not too far from us that does awesome healthier food and it is one of my all time favourites.

    I am drooling over your sandwich it looks good. I think pecans are one of my favourite nuts to snack on but it is funny as I never buy them, I tend to more often buy almonds instead but really should make the swap.

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