Talking About Passions and Why We Should Share Them + New Get Fit Workout

Okay, the weekend is here and I’m enjoying every drop. I have been waiting for it for so long it seems, but at the same time, it feels like it was just here last week. Am I the only one feeling this right now?

Let’s cut to the chase, shall we? I wanted  to talk about passions. Do we talk about them enough? Do people really need to know what you love to do with your life? In my opinion, yes. We do.  DUH. A lot can happen once you get that out there…once you show people that you love more than one thing. In my case, running. Yes, people, I love a million more things than running! I actually happen to lift weights, bike, circuit train, and dance (when no ones looking, of course, because I’m absolutely horrible)

So, first off, we can all have more than one passion. I do. And I’m one happy chick. So, think about it, what are your passions? List them all, let people know, share, enjoy them, and be you. I feel like a lot of people don’t search for their passions and they end up never dreaming…and no dream to go after, seems…well, sad. Sad smile

Magical things can happen when you share your passions…this blogger, Tanya, just shared her story about how blogging landed her a job. Uh, amazing. She actually kind of inspired me to write this post. People want to see your enthusiasm about your passions…then you go from there.

A quote I came across a couple of day’s ago: “Hire for passion first, experience second, and credentials third.” – Paul Alofs


Is your passion: reading, writing, painting, singing, cleaning, baking, fishing, moving, dancing, teaching, marketing, managing? The list goes on and you can have them all!


  • Running: Obviously, this is my first. I love it. I truly do and I don’t plan on leaving it EVER.
  • Social Media Marketing: I enjoy this one. I do it for my myself with the blog and for a catering company (which specializes in food…which comes to my next passion)
  • Baking/Recipe Making: I have been baking for years and I one day, hope to write a clean eating recipe book…that’s how much passion I have for this. Food is awesome.
  • Old movies: I have learned a TON from watching old movies from the 30’s-60’s. I know that’s weird, but I could seriously watch old movies all day and take notes on them for fun. I also used to be a theatre geek.
  • Painting: I don’t do it enough and I should. Actually, I think I’ll do it this weekend. There’s just something about creating a picture…it makes me smile. Like really smile.
  • Health Coaching: FUTURE JOB, helllloooo! I will be helping individuals learn how to eat healthy for their body…guiding them and supporting them. There’s more to it but yep, soon I will be health coaching. Can July get here already. If you need me, holla!
  • Creating Workouts: OTHER FUTURE JOB! Yes I will be a personal trainer and I will be awesome. I absolutely love making workouts…I have been doing it for years and it’s the coolest thing to complete one of my workouts and know that it was a good one! Also, the idea of helping people get fit, is something else that makes me really smile! So amazing, right?
  • Blogging: I just really like to blog. There’s something about writing…and its even better when its about nutrition/food/health/fitness. I’m in it for the long run! (HA HA HA…because I love long runs)

So with fitness in mind…I created an amazing workout that I thought was pretty spectacular. If you don’t try it, I will find you!

JUST KIDDING, but seriously check it out!

10105 workout


  • Squat, Lift, & Walk: You need 10-30 pound kettlebell. Start in a a squat stance with KB placed in front of you, squat, pick up the KB with both hands, walk three-five steps side ways, squat the KB down, repeat
  • In & Out Plank: Start in a high plank and jump your feet out and back in till you reached the number of reps. Keep core tight and keep good form!
  • Goblet Squats: Squat holding a KB or Dumbbell held in front of your chest. Hold tightly and keep core tight as you squat down.
  • Pistol Squat to Pushup: Pistol squat down on one leg, switch over to a plank position, perform a pushup, go back to previous position, coming up on the leg you squatted down with. If you need to use hand to help you go down and come back up, please do so. I still do!
  • Cardio Burpees: A burpee without a pushup.
  • Reverse Lunges with Shoulder Press: Hold 5-15lb DB in hands close to chest, palms facing you, go back into a reverse lunge, come back to standing position, and twist up to perform a shoulder press.
  • Strict Mountain Climbers: In a plank position, start with one leg next to your hand and keep one straight. For 10 reps, switch back and forth.
  • Pop Squats: Pulse down 2 times in a squat position and on the third pulse, jump up as if you were doing jump squats.
  • Walkout Planks: Start at one end of the mat, walk out to a plank position, hold for a count of 3 seconds, walk back up to starting position and repeat.

Okay, I hope you enjoy this workout, and let me know on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram if you tried it out! Also, don’t forget to share your passions with the world. Feel free to write a post on it if you are a blogger, and share with me in the comments!


  • What are all your passions!?
  • Do you like the workouts I post?
  • What would you like to see more of on the blog?

XO Audrey

4 thoughts on “Talking About Passions and Why We Should Share Them + New Get Fit Workout

  1. tlsylvan says:

    Great post, and thanks for mentioning me 🙂 It’ll be fun to follow your progress and watch you land your dream jobs! Health coaching and personal training would be AWESOME!

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