Friday Favorites I

Hey guys!

It’s already Friday? Can you believe it? You have any plans this weekend?

You know, I’m always inspired with Julie’s Things I’m Loving Friday Posts, so I thought I’d do one. It’s been a while since I’ve done a ‘faves’ post…so, here we go!

Friday Favorites

Green smoothies, chocolate peanut butter smoothies, vanilla smoothies, Vega smoothies…I love them all and I can’t get enough. I post a lot of quick smoothie recipes on my instagram, so follow me there @audreyruns.



I can’t get enough of this hat! I have been trying for months to find a new hat that fit my head perfectly. I walked in Dick’s and found this one. I need it in all colors.


I did Legs on Saturday and I was sore for a total of 72 hours. Hurt so, so bad. Thank God for foam rollers, but hey, I also would have loved a parking permit like this one down below.


  • Hiking in the middle of the week

My mom, sister, and myself went on a hike in the middle of the day for 3 hours in Oak Mountain (On Tuesday). Straight up to Peavine Falls and back (8 miles total). Talk about SORE forever. It was all uphill on the way up so we definitely got a good sweat in.


Definitely going to have to get more of this stuff. Also, these packets are so neat!


  • Magic Bullet!

Okay, I’m so excited. Look at what came in the mail yesterday! Holy cow

Really excited to use this. I’ve never, ever, ever, used a magic bullet. I’m pumped. I will be making lots of recipes. So, beware!


Not too sure what’s happening this weekend for me but at least I know there will be running, smoothies, and recipes involved. Have a happy and healthy weekend, friends!

Questions this Friday:

  • What’s your favorite running hat?
  • Do you go through smoothie phases?
  • Where’s your favorite place to hike? (Show me a picture?)
  • Would you like me to share my leg workout I’ve been doing?

xoxo audrey

9 thoughts on “Friday Favorites I

  1. thesavedrunner says:

    I love that running hat! I have been wanting one because I actually don’t have one. I have also been wanting to try vega protein powder. I hear great things about it; I just hate how expensive it is.

  2. Clell Adams says:

    I like that parking permit. We should print some off. 🙂 Hills are good for you. They make you fast.

  3. Kim @ BusyBod says:

    I also just got a magic bullet and I love it! Before that my cheaper blenders couldn’t make green smoothies, they were just regular smoothies with green flakes which was super weird to drink so I gave up on them. My best friend uses the magic bullet for hers so she got me one of my own for my birthday! I have to admit, I haven’t masted the whole using it to chop foods thing yet, but hopefully someday. 🙂

  4. shashi @ says:

    I tried Vega for the first time this weekend and it was awesome – love that its dairy free!

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