Health Coaching and New Workout

Hey guys! A couple days ago, I was writing up a HIIT workout that really worked on the heart rate and muscles and wanted to put it on the blog. So here we go! One of my top workouts and its amazing! Definitely give it a try and tell me what you think!

HIIT Workout from In Shape Cupcake


But moving on, I wanted to talk about Health Coaching.

I decided two years ago what I wanted to do with my life. It wasn’t making millions of dollars or working for a huge company. I wanted to be a health coach. People look at me funny every time when I tell them that. Why? Because there used to not be health coaches. It wasn’t a very popular career until The Institute for Integrative Nutrition made it so. And I thank Joshua, the founder, and all the teachers for making it possible for me to live my dream.

Health coaching, what is it? Simply put, a HC is a guide that helps you achieve your health, fitness, nutrition, and life goals. It takes time, but when you’ve got someone that has your back, you meet those goals then and now instead of 5 years later after you failed and kept giving up. With a health coach, they’re always there for you. Listening, talking, giving advice, even grocery shopping with you. Its pretty darn amazing and I do want to say, that 3 years ago, I wish I had had a health coach. I believe in health coaches. They are amazing and the work I’ve seen them do to help people live better lives, is just amazing.

I’m just so pumped to tell you that I’m health coaching as we speak! The great thing about it, is that I can coach you online, in person, over the phone, whatever suits you best. If you’re ever interested or know someone who could benefit, please let me know!

Thanks for reading! I hope all of you have just a completely fantastic day!

xx audrey

Sometimes we need to be reminded...  Have a great day and have fun!


  • What’s your dream career?
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Santa Rosa Beach Vacation Recap

Hey guys! So this past week I’ve been in Santa Rosa Beach, Florida and let me tell you…it was perfect. The weather was glorious and the view was beautiful.

We stayed in a cute little cottage a little over a mile away from the beach which I find to be quite peaceful and wonderful when I’m trying to actually have a non-stressful vacation. Anyone else feel the same?

I can’t keep all these beautiful pictures of the beach to myself…so, I MUST share! Enjoy!

*Also, there might be pictures of me thrown in there too. I know I’m not as beautiful as the ocean, so you can just scroll past the ones of me if you want Winking smile






Can you spot the puppy?




Okay, that house was mega huge.


Arrived in Alys beach and decided to take a break!


When we got in the car, look what we found on the road. Who does this?


Just a couple more of the beach, please! Gosh, so beautiful. I wish I had a real camera. It would look so much more beautiful.


Okay, look out for food pics on Wednesday!

XX audrey


  • Where’s your favorite place to go for vacation?