Paleo Coconut Flour Cupcakes

Hey all! Hope your weekend was good!

Are you ready for a quick and easy recipe that’s healthy, gluten free, and paleo?

Well, even if you’re not ready, I’m still sharing this. So brace yourself!

Paleo Cupcakes 1

I have to taste test, duh!

Paleo Cupcakes 4

Pale Cupcakes 3

Paleo Cupcakes 2

It’s so simple to make cupcakes using coconut flour because as long as you got a lot of eggs, a natural sweetener, and other simple baking ingredients, you can make these! It’s not hard work, you guys! It’s so darn easy and I hope you guys try these out! My family gobbled them up. I was actually supposed to have 6 cupcakes on the plate but my mother stole one before I could take a picture! Not cool. Don’t mess with a food blogger’s food.

Paleo Cupcakes

I also let you in on my quick and healthy chocolate frosting. I’m not up to date on the Paleo diet…but I know the layout. Not sure if Greek yogurt counts as Paleo, but hey, it’s the healthiest frosting ever so give it a go!

xx Audrey


  • What’s your favorite cupcake recipe?
  • Do you live a Paleo lifestyle?
  • What kind of recipe should I come up with next? Any ideas?

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Lazy Sunday Pinning

Hey guys and Happy Sunday! I hope you have a relaxed day before we start our first full week of Summer!

It’s been Summer in Alabama since…I don’t know, maybe since April! So, I’m actually over the whole “It’s Summer!!!” thing. But, that doesn’t stop me from wanting to pin summer-y things from Pinterest!

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I promise, I pin cool stuff!


I just completed this workout last night and it’s really great for more of a low key leg workout…give it a try!

Your Daisy Dukes Workout ☀

This Panoramic sunset view in Arizona…

Panoramic Sunset in Phoenix Arizona

This roasted shrimp! Mouth. Watering. OMG

THIS roasted parmesan basil butter shrimp is so simple to make and also tastes just devine

This closet…

Add a little flair to MC by painting g the ceiling with a pop of color


cabin get away for a date weekend just US <3

End of summer bonfire

Um, how about this house? Can I live here? Please. Maybe. Like right now?

Can someone tell me where this house is cause I WANT it!!!!!!

This cute up-do that would be great for work or a party…

Easy updo. Last step would be nice to braid pony tail and twist and pin up in a bun then loosen up a little.

And that’s about it!

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