Paleo Coconut Flour Cupcakes

Hey all! Hope your weekend was good!

Are you ready for a quick and easy recipe that’s healthy, gluten free, and paleo?

Well, even if you’re not ready, I’m still sharing this. So brace yourself!

Paleo Cupcakes 1

I have to taste test, duh!

Paleo Cupcakes 4

Pale Cupcakes 3

Paleo Cupcakes 2

It’s so simple to make cupcakes using coconut flour because as long as you got a lot of eggs, a natural sweetener, and other simple baking ingredients, you can make these! It’s not hard work, you guys! It’s so darn easy and I hope you guys try these out! My family gobbled them up. I was actually supposed to have 6 cupcakes on the plate but my mother stole one before I could take a picture! Not cool. Don’t mess with a food blogger’s food.

Paleo Cupcakes

I also let you in on my quick and healthy chocolate frosting. I’m not up to date on the Paleo diet…but I know the layout. Not sure if Greek yogurt counts as Paleo, but hey, it’s the healthiest frosting ever so give it a go!

xx Audrey


  • What’s your favorite cupcake recipe?
  • Do you live a Paleo lifestyle?
  • What kind of recipe should I come up with next? Any ideas?

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10 thoughts on “Paleo Coconut Flour Cupcakes

  1. jessielovestorun says:

    I saw these on instagram and was literally waiting until you posted the recipe! Holy YUM! I’ve only made coconut flour cupcakes once, but yours just looks so good. I think id have to add some sprinkles on top.. because well sprinkles just make everything better 🙂

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