Homemade Trail Mix Granola Recipe

Hey friends and Happy July 4th!

How about a recipe to kick off the day? Maybe a granola recipe?


granola (10)

There’s one thing I absolutely love making, and that’s granola.

It’s so much fun since you’re able to mix it up and do whatever you want with it!

granola (2)

granola (3)

And you can put it on all your cereal and yogurt bowls! Ah, yum!

granola (1)

granola (6)

granola (4)

Homemade Trail Mix Granola Recipe


  • In a large bowl, mix all dry ingredients first.
  • In a small bowl, lightly beat an egg white for 1 minute
  • Add the coconut oil, syrup, and vanilla extract to the beaten egg white and fold the liquid mixture into the dry ingredients.
  • Mix well
  • Prepare a tray by spraying oil to keep the granola from sticking
  • Spread out the granola on the tray
  • Bake in the oven on 350F/150C until golden (approx 30 Minutes)
  • Halfway through (15 minutes-20 minutes) flip the granola so it can bake evenly.
  • When its finished baking, drizzle honey all over the top and let it cool completely before eating it.
  • ENJOY!

granola (7)

granola (8)

granola (9)

This granola recipe took me hardly any time to make, it was the baking that took so long!

Also, because I chose cinnamon and cloves for the spices, it ended up smelling like Christmas in my house. It was AMAZING! So if you’re a little unsure about those spices, don’t give them up quite yet!

My favorite part of this granola recipe was the little chocolate chips. Some of them melted and turned my granola darker than I was expecting. But some of the chocolate chips didn’t melt, not sure why, but oh my goodness it was so good! If you wanted to wait and put the chocolate chips in after the granola is finished baking, you can do that as well (actually, I should have done that but it didn’t cross my mind because I was too excited about eating homemade granola)

Alright, I’m out! Off to run and then it’s time to get out with the fam! I hope all of you have a wonderful July 4th!

P.S. Look out for another ENERGY BALL recipe tomorrow! Starring VEGA ONE!

Linking up with Kierston and Laura for my FIRST recipe LINKUP! (Just found out about this! Check it out, foodies!)

Sprint 2 the Table



  • Are you doing anything special for July 4th?
  • What’s your favorite thing to find in a granola recipe?

15 thoughts on “Homemade Trail Mix Granola Recipe

  1. melaniem49 says:

    That looks so good! I looove granola. I like adding peanut butter or nutella. Dried fruit and nuts are also really yummy! It’s fun to mix it up and try different things. Hope you have a fun 4th!

  2. Kierston says:

    So many flavours all in one mix 🙂

    When I have granola, I really enjoy raisins in it The added chew is awesome.

    Thanks for linking up to #RECIPEFRIDAY!

  3. NIck says:

    Just what I needed. I was eating shop bought stuff like a dumb ass. 14 teaspoons of sugar. It is amazing how good the food industry has become at killing us:) Much better to make your own.

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