Half Marathon Training Plan Week #1

Hi friends! Hope your weekend has been marvelous! Some of you voted last week and wanted some more running posts on the blog, which makes sense…

On Friday, I decided 100% that I’m doing a November half marathon. I haven’t really decided which one I’m going to do, but I know I’m doing one in November and then I’ll be doing another one in February!

So, what my plan is, is that that for all of July, I’m going to slowly get my mileage up and keep it consistent. I want to get in 4 long runs this month and when August hits, that’s when I’ll be adding in some crazy speed work.

I really wanted to share my week by week training with you every Sunday or Monday and I hope this might be resourceful for some of my readers! I’m off to run right now, but here’s this week’s training! I’m hoping to stick to it as much as possible. We shall see!

Half Marathon Training Plan Week 1

If you have any questions feel free to comment, as always, much appreciated! And if you’d like to e-mail me, its inshapecupcake@gmail.com!

Have a Happy Sunday!

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