Taking a Break

Hey friends,

I haven’t been blogging lately, I know. I needed to take some time to start thinking about new topics, focus on my nutrition school studies, and enjoy life away from constantly taking pictures. I think I just really burnt out on the social media and blogging world. But I’ll be back, hopefully with some nice topics, reviews, or giveaways. So don’t think I’ve given up! Just needed a little time away 🙂

Love you all!

Question of the day:

– Do you ever have to take a long break from the blogging and social media world?
– How’s August going for ya?

4 thoughts on “Taking a Break

  1. Brittany @ DulceVie says:

    Take your time girl! I feel ya on having a lot to focus on. I took a lot of time off this past year. I just had too much to focus on with school, rowing, adjusting to college, & a social life. Sometimes you have to just take a break and enjoy life a little 🙂 Taking a break helped me enjoy blogging again.

  2. Elsie@SharingHealthiness says:

    If a break means you will be back rocking hard and spreading love then take all the rest you need!! Rest is so necessary that is totally understandable. I don’t know if it can be called a “rest” but I get tired easily with many things and it usually requires me finding a new hobby to end up missing what I was finding boring or exhausting earlier. 🙂

  3. Chelsea @ A Fit LittleOne says:

    I’ve recently taken a break from blogging. I feel every once in a while it is just needed 🙂 Enjoy your break, and being in school it does definitely make blogging a bit harder, so do what you need to do for your schooling!

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