Surviving a Sesamoid Fracture…as a runner

Hey there!

I want to jump into this post and discuss my attitude, recovery, and health during a broken bone in my foot.

As a runner, that’s something I did not wish upon myself or any other runner. It’s not as hurtful as a broken leg, but it’s so painful for someone who’s very active.


Rewind to June 2014, I was running a lot and working out a bunch! I was putting a lot of pressure on these bones…(down below)


I’m guessing I bruised it over the next couple of months but I know I probably fractured it when I started doing trail runs and jumping off rocks, etc.


I should have went to the Podiatrist back in July when it really started to hurt and inflame but I thought it was just bruised and I had never experienced this before. I’ve been running for 7 years and I’ve never had foot problems except a little plantar fasciitis so, it was just my fault for assuming.

I ended up stopping all running and walking in November because it was hurting so bad and I was hoping it would just stop on its own. But by December, it was still hurting. So, I made that appointment to the podiatrist and found out I broke it.

Okay runners, have you ever been to the doctor and them tell you that you broke something? It literally makes your heart sink because you know you won’t be able to RUN. Yep, that was the only thing on my mind. Obsessed much? Well, whatever.

Oh, and he gave me this crappy sandal to wear for the next 6 weeks…


I mean, if I have to wear this for that long, you could at least make it look better. But anyway, it did it’s job.

As soon as a I got home from the podiatrist, I knew I had to be 100% on board with this healing process so I wouldn’t hurt my foot again. I needed to do everything right!

Things you should think about if you break a sesamoid bone

  • Begin lowering your calorie intake (you’ll be sitting a lot more and no intense workouts)
  • Take bone healing supplements (Bone-Up, Vitamin D, Vitamin C, Fish Oil, Magnesium, Zinc, Vitamin E, Copper, etc..)
  • Increase anti-inflammatory nutrients
  • Check your protein intake

The doc told me no weight bearing workouts on my legs, so that meant NO SQUATS either. I was a little frustrated at first but I needed to get excited about being healed because I was sick of the pain. But not being able to do burpees and lunges was killing me!!!

Workouts I was able to do during the 6 weeks of healing:

  • Upper body strength training (Check out some of my arm workouts HERE)
  • Band Assisted Pullups and Chinups (Did a lot of these and I’ve gotten way better at them)
  • Toning the back side
    • Donkey kicks, tone it up hamstring curl, side leg lifts, side planks, clamshell exercise, booty kicks, booty bridges, etc…)
  • ABS ABS ABS (I did a lot of side planks, sit-ups, crunches, butterfly crunches, mermaid crunch (tone it up), bird dog, hamstring curls with exercise ball, superman, etc…)

I didn’t have the chance to do anything intense but I still got to move around a little and work my muscles some while being injured.

Now that it’s been over 8 weeks since I’ve been to the doctor, I’ve been in my regular shoes again (yay!) and for cardio, I’m doing 1-4 miles walks. I also saw my chiropractor for a couple of days to get my pelvis, back and neck aligned. Believe me, I was all messed up from having to walk so weird with that post-op sandal everyday and everywhere.

This week I started walking more and I’ve amped up my workouts a little to where my heart rate can get a lot higher.

If anyone’s interested, I’d be more than happy to share all my workouts I created for myself during this injury.

I hope this post helps anyone who may be having an injury or the same one I had. If you have any more questions, feel free to comment below or e-mail me at

If anyone reading does have an injury, I know it’s a pain in the butt, but take this time to really understand how to be more healthy so you can heal the very best!

xx audrey


12 thoughts on “Surviving a Sesamoid Fracture…as a runner

    • Audrey says:

      I could not bike. It was way to difficult and I don’t belong to a gym so I didn’t have access to a gym bike but I would have liked to. I’m already well, just waiting for the O.K to run again! Thank you!

  1. Clell Adams says:

    Love you!   Best Regards,Clell Adams From: In Shape Cupcake To: Sent: Sunday, February 1, 2015 7:05 PM Subject: [New post] Surviving a Sesamoid Fracture…as a runner #yiv9820431776 a:hover {color:red;}#yiv9820431776 a {text-decoration:none;color:#0088cc;}#yiv9820431776 a.yiv9820431776primaryactionlink:link, #yiv9820431776 a.yiv9820431776primaryactionlink:visited {background-color:#2585B2;color:#fff;}#yiv9820431776 a.yiv9820431776primaryactionlink:hover, #yiv9820431776 a.yiv9820431776primaryactionlink:active {background-color:#11729E;color:#fff;}#yiv9820431776 | Audrey posted: “Hey there! I want to jump into this post and discuss my attitude, recovery, and health during a broken bone in my foot.As a runner, that’s something I did not wish upon myself or any other runner. It’s not as hurtful as a broken leg, but it’s so p” | |

  2. Amy says:

    Hi, thanks for your advise because I am dealing with the same problem. Mine is not healing very well. It’s slow going and using a bone stimulator. Can you tell me where and what brand sandal you wore? I wear my fracture boot but it’s really killing my ankles. It looks like your sandal might help me find an alternative solution to offloading. Thanks again Amy

  3. christinedgraham says:


    Did you have any additional padding in the sandal? How did you effectively offload the pressure on the sesamoid? I’ve been in a post op sandal but got out of it too soon and now have to go back to square one.
    The doctor put felt in my sandal but it’s run its course.


    • Audrey says:

      Hey thanks for asking. I was very blessed to only have to have the sandal and I had no padding. And I couldn’t exercise for the whole time I had the shoe. I really believe all the supplements and staying off my foot, helped it heal the way it was supposed to. Anymore questions, email to

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