Trail Running, Food, and Brand Love

Hey! How’s everyone on this fine Thursday…wait, it’s Thursday? WOW, this week is flying by!

What have I been doing?

Um…trail running!

What? You don’t? Don’t you know its like the coolest thing ever? If you can’t trail run though, I totally understand.

Actually, I just started getting into it. I’ve always loved it. For example, for my 17th birthday a couple years ago, I asked to go trail running. No presents! But, it’s always been hard to do it consistently so I’ve given up several times.

It’s way easier to go trail running when Alabama Outdoors hosts a trail run for us crazy runners, or that I’ve been able to venture out to Oak Mountain to find some places safe enough for me to run. As I’m starting up on training for my next half marathon, I thought some trail running would be a great addition to my runs…so yep, just having fun!

On another note, I’m also keeping my eats clean and just making dreams happen like any driven individual.

For breakfast yesterday, I wish I had a picture! Wow, it was good! I had 2 scrambled eggs on top of toast and jelly. Like, how can you get better than that? It’s just so good!

I had an interview around 11:30 and got back home about 12:45ish and decided on some yogurt for lunch. Which, I also didn’t take a picture of. So, whyyyy am I sharing this? “Audrey, GOSH, you’re so lame!”

Well, you know what? I’ll do better with dinner!

Dinner included a delicious plate of organic pasta, turkey pasta sauce, pesto, more pesto on toast, and lots of broccoli and squash that was from our garden.


Dessert was a yummy Paleo Coconut Flour Cupcake (no frosting Sad smile)

paleo coconut flour cupcake

And for breakfast this morning…I had the best overnight oats ever!


For workouts, I didn’t do much. I was so sore (in the booty) from the crazy trail run at Red Mountain yesterday. So, just pushups and planks and sitting on a yoga ball was totally workout enough for me.

Brainstorming on a cookie recipe…so stay tuned on that. You can always follow me on twitter or instagram to see what I’m up to during the day if you’re up to that sort of thing…maybe…maybe not.

Also, just because it’s Thursday, I’m going to throw out a few of my favorite rising brands because…well, it’s Thursday and I’m up for anything that’s positive! Right-O!

First, I gotta give these girls a huge high five for being so positive, driven, passionate, and creative! The Sweet Note Bagel ladies who have created an amazing brand of gluten free bagels that are healthy and delicious. I can’t wait to get my hands on some of these! Crossing my fingers that they come to Alabama soon so I can buy some but for now, I’m good with online shopping! Hello, if you are a Birmingham Foodie, can you get a local store to start carrying these!?

sweet note bagelssweet note bagels

There’s just something so wonderful and inspiring about seeing others so excited about their work and to see them go after their goals!

Other favorite thing right now, is a local fitness magazine, Fit & Well Birmingham! I got pretty excited when they released this magazine. We definitely needed something like this over here and the wonderful tips and healthy locals contributing to the magazine, is great!

You can check them out right here—> Fit & Well Magazine


  • Comment down below with your favorite rising brand or small business!
  • What’s better: Scrambled or Fried eggs?
  • If you had to pick between yoga and hiking, which one would it be?

As always, I love your comments! Thanks for reading, lovelies! Headed to run this beautiful morning!

xx Audrey

P.S. Does anyone else sit on a yoga ball while blogging or working?



Reasons Why We Love Gluten Free (And You Should, Too!)

Happy Friday! You’ve made it through another week!

To kick off the weekend, I’ve got a post about GLUTEN! My friends over at the Little Aussie Bakery were kind enough to write up a very informational post about the gluten-free diet.

Hello “In Shape Cupcake” readers! We are Rita Sturzbecher & John Apostolovic, owners of the Little Aussie Bakery & Café, a 100% gluten free bakery in San Antonio, Texas. We and our five children have been living a gluten-free lifestyle for over 40 years, and are living proof of the benefits of this amazing lifestyle! If you like what you read, please visit us at And a big “Thank You” to Audrey for inviting us to write this post on her blog!

“Do I really need to go gluten-free? It’s so difficult!”

There it is – such tiny question with such huge implications. Running a 100% gluten free bakery, it’s a question we get asked pretty often. If we had the time we could give day-long lectures on the subject! Luckily, we’re usually too busy baking up delicious gluten-free treats for Little Aussie Bakery & Café. So, we’ll give a short outline of the most important reasons why you should go gluten free.

If you have Celiac Disease or gluten sensitivity, the reason for cutting the gluten is pretty obvious–your body is attacking it! But what if you don’t? Is going gluten free really a good idea for everyone? Here at the Little Aussie Bakery & Café, we say “yes!” A gluten-free diet can be beneficial to anyone, even those without a diagnosed allergy or sensitivity (and we can attest to the results—we’ve been living gluten free as a family for nearly 40 years).

Embedded image permalink

In the words of Cardiologist Dr. William Davis, modern wheat is a “perfect, chronic poison.” Over the past half century, it has been genetically modified to contain higher levels of gluten than ever possible in its natural state. Even if we eat the same number of slices of bread or pieces of cake that our grandparents did way back when, we are now ingesting up to five times more gluten per serving. And that doesn’t take into account the fact that many bakers add extra raw gluten to the product!

Still not convinced? OK, let’s go so far as to say that your body is super gluten-resistant and can handle even extremely extraordinary amounts of the substance. You now have to deal with another chemical that has been added to modern wheat: the gliadan protein. It’s added to wheat to increase crop yield and lengthen shelf life. Sounds harmless enough, right? Until you realize that gliadan is an opiate, specifically one that stimulates the appetite. Ever wonder why you get such cravings for bread? Gliadan binds to the opiate receptors in your brain and stimulates your appetite!

Embedded image permalink

Alright, that’s enough scare tactics for the moment. Let’s talk about the good things that can happen when you go gluten-free. First of all, you’ll be eating a more natural diet and have fewer cravings which means that you could lose weight (despite the fact that gluten-free products may have slightly more calories). We’ve heard stories from our customers of losing more than 80 pounds just by switching to a gluten-free diet! Other effects we’ve heard from our customers include better management of diabetes, increased energy, lessening or complete loss of the symptoms of arthritis, depression, IBS, Chrohn’s, Hashimoto’s, seasonal and pet allergies, and much more! We’ve even heard stories of people slowing and even reversing their hair loss!

Most people notice that they feel better after only a month or two on a gluten-free diet, so if you’re not sure, take the gluten-free challenge! Just cut out gluten for 30 days–we guarantee you’ll see (and feel) what we’re talking about! Why not kick off your new life with a box of free gluten-free treats from the Little Aussie Bakery & Café? Just pay the actual cost of shipping-click here to order. To your health & prosperity!

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-Rita Sturzbecher & John Apostolovic, The Little Aussie Bakery & Café.

Make sure to follow them on Twitter and Facebook!

Questions from Audrey:

  • Do you eat gluten-free?
  • What’s your favorite thing about eating gluten free?
  • Would you go gluten free for 30 days?
  • What are you plans this weekend!?

A Healthy Day Out + Smoothie Recipe

Hey guys!

Healthy. Sometimes, its not always about nutrition and fitness. Sometimes, its about getting out with your friends, leaving stress behind and making corny jokes. Well, that’s what I did yesterday and it was amazing!

First we stopped by iCantina Tortilla Grill, a place I’ve never been, to grab a fish taco…which was alright. The fact they only give you one taco for 5 bucks is a little expensive. But 1 was enough.



The Fish Taco has spicy slaw, a (piece) of avocado, sauce, and baked tilapia that has been marinated in butter. Like oh my gosh, butter! Whatevs


We shared some chips, which you had to buy. Look, most Mexican restaurants I go to, they serve you unlimited amounts of chips for free. What’s up with having to buy $3 worth of chips, which is hardly any! They were good though.

We headed to the Birmingham Museum of Art afterward, which my 19 years of living in Alabama, I’ve never stepped foot in there. Never cared too…so sad! The European 17th-18th century art and sculptures were probably my favorite part. It was just way too beautiful.


Some views from the inside windows


We couldn’t take pictures of the artwork…so you will have to suffice with trees and glass windows.



Stopped at my favorite coffee shop, The Red Cat, afterward and shared a scone and brownie.


On my way back home, I finally stopped at Dick’s Sporting Goods and got myself a new pair of running shoes! My feet shall thank me today as I run!


For dinner last night, I opened a can of chickpeas and chopped some fresh veggies to put on a bed of Arugula with a little vinaigrette drizzled on top.



And now this morning, I just had this delicious Green smoothie! Excuse my desk mess in the background…



  • 8oz Unsweetened Almond Milk
  • Big Handfuls of Kale and Swiss Chard
  • 6 Cubes of Ice
  • 1 Tbsp. of Ground flax seed
  • 1 scoop of chocolate protein powder
  • 1/2 Tbsp. organic creamy Peanut butter
  • 1 tsp. Maca Powder
  • 1 small frozen banana
  • 3 frozen strawberries
  • Dash of Cinnamon

Have a Healthy Day!

xx Audrey


  • What do you like to do to be healthy (that doesn’t have to do with food/fitness) ?
  • What’s your favorite smoothie recipe?
  • What kind of running shoe do you have right now?

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