My Top 7 Favorite Workouts on YouTube II

Here we go! Second round of “My Top 7 Workouts on YouTube”

fave workouts

#1 Sarah Fit’s 500 CALORIE Outdoor Circuit Workout

This is actually the workout that got me into working out a few years ago when I was just running. I had no idea was circuit training was and after doing this workout, I had never felt so sore in my life. I thought running was hard.

#2 Sarah Fit’s Lose Your Love Handles Workout

First off, I love Sarah’s workouts! But this quick core workout is great to do at the end of your run or something.

#3 POP PLYO By Blogilates

This workout will kick your butt! That’s all I’m saying.

#4 BexLife 4 MINUTE Tabata Workout

I love this workout for when I’m short on time and I need a quick sweat. Plus, Bex is so motivating.

#5 LeanSecrets 34 Best Butt Exercises

This isn’t exactly a “workout” but Brenda goes through all the best butt exercises for you in this video to add to your leg/glutes workouts.

#6 Amanda Russell’s Super Calorie Burn Cardio Workout

I absolutely love this workout…it’s an oldie but a goodie for me. Get ready to get that heart rate up!

#7 BARRE WORKOUT with The Tone It Up Girls!

If you’re thinking of switching things up a little bit, get your toning on with this at-home Barre Workout that will have you sore by the next day!

Let me know what you think in the comments!

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Questions this Morning:

  • What’s your favorite YouTube Workout?
  • Do you prefer cardio or strength training more?

xoxo audrey



Finally! I’m Back!

Okay, so I’ve been gone since January and it’s been a pain!


I came home from a conference in Atlanta in January and my laptop (of 5 years) would not turn on! My brother, a computer whiz, told me it was not going to ever work again (sad) and the laptop was NOT worth any fixes. As soon as I heard those words, blogging was the only thing on my mind. I need my Windows Live Writer!!!! It’s not that much fun of an experience to blog on my Samsung Galaxy. I tried…didn’t go so well.

Anyhow, my birthday is in 3 days, and my wonderful parents, brother, and grandmom gave me an early gift! When you get older, you really only need 1 thing and 1 thing only. So, laptop it is! I’m very, very, thankful!

I got an HP-Pavillion 17” laptop with Windows 8….and it is AMAZING! I hope it stays this awesome for 5 years or so!

HP - Pavilion 17.3" Laptop - 4GB Memory - 750GB Hard Drive - Anodized Silver - Larger FrontHP - Pavilion 17.3" Laptop - 4GB Memory - 750GB Hard Drive - Anodized Silver - Alternate View 3

I’m just really glad to be back on the blogging wagon. Being stuck in the mud for 4 months is so crappy!

ENOUGH! Let’s get onto some food and workouts! Oh, and a little update on IIN.



For last night’s dinner, I found this recipe on Pinterest and not only did I Pin it, I actually baked it! I made a couple of changes like…omitting the bacon and changing the Gruyere cheese to Parmesan. Mine didn’t look as fabulous as Lindsay’s though Sad smile

Creamy Chicken Quinoa and Broccoli Casserole - real food meets comfort food. From scratch, quick and easy, 350 calories. |


Creamy Quinoa + Chicken & Broccoli Casserole with Parmesan Cheese! Clean enough for me!




I did a 4 mile run + a workout after (before I ate.)


Breakfast (this morning)


We juiced this morning and I enjoyed mine outside on the deck! So refreshing!

Here’s what we juiced:

  • Carrots
  • Celery
  • Kale
  • 1/2 Pear
  • 3/4 Grapefruit
  • 1 Red Beet



School has been great so far. I’m only on Module 8 (week 8), but so far, so good! I love all the videos, assignments, and quizzes! And I’ve been taking lots of notes and stuffing them in this note journal.


This time next year, I will be 8 weeks out of school and helping others live out a healthy lifestyle! Gonna be the best job ever! Such an exciting thought.

Bible Verse of the Day

1 Peter 1:3 KJV

“Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, which according to his abundant mercy hath begotten us again unto a lively hope by the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead”



You guys be blessed and I’m so thankful I can begin sharing my workouts, thoughts, recipes, and nutrition school with you again!


Happy 1 year Blog Anniversary & I Enrolled in Nutrition School!

Good morning all!

Today, January 7th, is my 1st anniversary for my blog. Last year at this time, it dawned on me what I should call my blog. I was looking at two different words:

“in shape” and “cupcake”

And all of a sudden, I looked at my mom and I said “I finally know what I’ll call my blog! In Shape Cupcake!”

You don’t understand, it took me like a month to figure out what to call my blog. It was taking all my brain energy just trying to put something together.

My very first blog post –> Drinking Green Smoothies


Some of my favorite blog posts:

PicMonkey Collage


sc chicken4






…”I haven’t touched pop tarts since I was 10.”


I have been through a lot since last year. A ton of changes have occurred and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

  • I’ve grown in my spiritual faith. God is always #1 in this world. He is the CENTER of it all. It’s not about me…it is about HIM!
  • My grandmother passed away, but she’s in Heaven, praising the Lord.
  • I was offered an amazing job this Fall.
  • I experienced how it feels when your car almost breaks down in the middle of the night on a highway. Freaky.
  • I started going to WORD ALIVE International Outreach Church in August and I hope I don’t have to go to another church forever!
  • I graduated high school and I’m so GLAD!
  • I discovered cappuccinos and they are so foamy!
  • I’ve been able to give and let my light shine

Photo: Yesterday, my mom and I went to help package food! Word Alive Church is just so awesome! #project58 #shine #pray #fast #give #Isaiah58

I also have a big announcement!

For the past 2 years, I’ve been wanting to enroll in The Institute for Integrative Nutrition. That is what I chose instead of college. I wanted some that fit me. A place that had Audrey written all over it. And IIN was the school!

I finally enrolled yesterday and I’m so darn happy about it!

IIN is…”The Health Coach Training Program is a year-long online course specially designed for people who are passionate about health and wellness. Whether you’re interested in learning about nutrition, launching a meaningful new career, or even changing the world, Integrative Nutrition will empower you to transform your life and achieve your personal and professional goals.”  Source

I know a few other bloggers who have graduated and they absolutely loved it. But I just know this is what I need to do and I’m more than excited.

I start in February and I can NOT wait! Eek!

1 year from now, I’ll be graduated and a certified health coach. Then it will be time to start my personal training certification with NASM. So I’m buckling down and I’m ready!

My dream is to have my own health and fitness studio that focuses on personal one on one training and coaching that empowers women. It’s all about health and love. Not about just how great you look. That is only a perk. I also hope to do a lot more because I’ve got some crazy good ideas.

If you want to know more about the program, just ask this crazy runner.

I also hope to do some recaps on how much I like the program (every once in a while) and will do a full recap when I’m graduated. Stay tuned!