Thinking Out Loud #1 Oh, Life!

Happy Thursday! Linking up with Amanda from Running with Spoons for Thinking Out Loud Thursday!


Why have I not done this linkup yet?

1. Cascadian farm cereal, frozen blueberries, and almond milk has went up on my top 10 breakfasts. I’m for real here, so good!

2. I went trail running hiking yesterday. It was not what I expected. As you know, trail running has sort of won me over, and yesterday I thought I would try out a new place called, Moss Rock Preserve. Let’s just say, there was a lot of rock and not really any trails meant for running. So lame.

3. However, I went trail running on Monday at Oak Mountain (which was very nice) and got my picture taken with an owl…

Please excuse my huge, crazy, weird smile. I’m sort of cringing. WHY THE HECK am I putting this up!




4. Someone sent me this a long time ago and I just now looked at it…Star Wars fans much?


5. I ordered business cards yesterday to start putting around Birmingham because yo, I’m a health coach and no one will know if I don’t get out there. Currently looking for health events to go to this Fall. I’ll share what my cards look like as soon as they get here next week! In the meantime, you could like…check out my Health Coaching Website. (I’m actually still taking on a couple more clients if you know anyone who is in need of a HC)

This is my logo Smile

the body method 2

6. I’ve come to conclusion that there are not that many job opportunities in Birmingham right now. So, I’m looking at all kinds of other cities that are out of state. Call me crazy, but I’m just a girl with lots of dreams, passions, and goals and I ain’t giving up. Excuse my southern “ain’t”. But sometimes it needs to be used.

Love Disney quotes

7. I haven’t done a workout in like a week. I’ve only been running and I feel like a leg workout is definitely needed today. So, I’m gonna go get on that right after I post this. #GIRLPOWER

8. Yesterday and today is supposed to be really low in humidity and very cool which is making me feel like its Fall already. I’m not ready for Fall yet!!!

9. I am loving long distances again. It seriously only takes a couple of weeks of long runs, and I’m already excited about doing 10 miles. Whaaaaat? Yep.

10. Paypal is super confusing (I’ve never used it before). Feel free to tell me how it works in the comments. The FAQ on Paypal is not helping me out. I need an actual explanation with examples.

Have a great Thursday!!!


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WIAW: Cocoa, Coffee, Almond Bites

Happy Wednesday, friends! How’s your week so far?

Well, I’ve got a recipe for ya down below, so let’s get started on What I Ate Wednesday hosted by the lovely, Jenn @ Peas & Crayons! Don’t forget to check out the WIAW linkup

Peas and Crayons

First, I didn’t take a picture of my breakfast. I was super busy and in a hurry yesterday morning, but it’s totally fine because it was just Cascadian Farm Cereal with fresh blueberries and almond milk. Which…was really good. Moving on to lunch!

By lunch, I was STARVING! A turkey sandwich sounded really good…so that’s what I prepared.

It’s got brown mustard, turkey, pepper jack cheese, lots of spinach, and all on organic bread.


For the sides, I chose red bell pepper, 1/2 an apple, and a few chips because…who doesn’t eat kettle chips with sandwiches!

To quench my thirst, I opted for a La Croix. So good and refreshing!


Dinner was revolved around lots of greens, veggies, and meat!


Chopped spinach, chopped chicken breast, 1/2 piece of crispy bacon, cucumber and tomatoes from out garden, bell pepper, and feta cheese. It was a very delicious salad!

For dessert…I had one of my energy bites! I present, Cocoa-Coffee-Almond Bites!


Cocoa, Coffee, Almond Bites

A fantastic addition to these would be to roll into shredded coconut!


These pair wondefully with a cup of coffee!


You can eat these for breakfast, snacks, or dessert!


Another quick, on-the-go recipe!


And the perfect crunch to each bite!

Thanks for reading and as always, I appreciate your comments ❤


  • What was your favorite thing you ate yesterday?
  • Almonds or pecans?

My 4 Top Social Media Marketing Tips

Hi friends, how’s it going! Didn’t really have much to talk about food wise or fitness wise today, except I did go on a 7 mile trail run yesterday. It was awesome, in case you’re wondering.

I thought I’d share some of my tips for social media marketing today.
The biggest thing for bloggers, is social media. We’re on it a LOT. Which, I highly recommend doing Digital Detox on Lindsay’s blog
if you’re feeling burnt out.

So, a little back story…
I’ve been blogging since 2012. I got into it by taking up a job opportunity working with Claire’s Jewelry as a style blogger. Yepp, I used to blog about fashion before I got into healthy living blogging.

By the time I stopped blogging for Claire’s, I KNEW I wanted to create a blog myself. During the months leading up to 2013, I had several failed blogs. Mostly, because I was making fashion blogs and that really wasn’t what I was most passionate about. I was passionate about running! So I started a running blog. But, just so you know, it failed too. Why? Because I wasn’t into the social media world. I had no idea about how to even get people to read it. So I stopped blogging.

I had my other running blog during cross country seasons of senior year and I’d blog about my training.

Finally, January 2013, I had an idea for a blog name that fit me perfectly, had money to buy a domain, and had a lot of support from friends. In Shape Cupcake came to life, but it still exists 1.5 years later because I buckled down on teaching myself everything I can about social media. There’s always more to learn, but with these 4 tips, I’ve gained hundreds of more followers, discovered so many other blogs and small businesses, bumped up my views, and much more.

I love getting my blog out there and I bet you do too, but don’t let it consume you. Take a break sometimes and remember to be the best you!

Alright, here we go!

1. Comment, like, retweet, share…

By now, you most likely have a twitter, instagram, google +, facebook, youtube, and so much more! But just posting your links, or not posting at all, doesn’t do you any good. Interact with like minded people several times throughout the day with all of your social media accounts and you will see a difference. For example, I used to not comment on pictures on instagram but in April 2014, I decided to start commenting and create conversations on all the interesting images I drooled over, was inspired with, or from my friends’ accounts, starting at around 1200 followers. Its July 2014 and I now have almost 1800. For me, that’s excellent.
2. Join in on Twitter Chats

Twitter chats are amazing! Usually the one hosting the chat asks around 5-10 questions with a theme in mind and you answer them, look at others’ answers, interact with people, and just have a good time. Are you a foodie? Join #FoodieChats
RUNNER? #runchat every sunday evening. Into fitness? Follow #Fitfluential and ask about upcoming chats. Last night, I participated in foodiechats, healthywaymag chat, connectedlife chat with @fitfluential, and met some awesome people and gained a few followers.
3. Hashtags can be your ticket

This is serious. Hashtags are what will get your tweet, facebook status, or instagram image out there for people to see. Now, if you already have a good base of followers, you probably don’t need to put that many hashtags. Unless, you’re trying to gain more.

But, if you’re like me, you probably want to get more followers. Now, keep in mind, gaining followers to be popular, ain’t cool. But to gain followers so you can have more people know about health or fitness (in my case), is really cool! Look up the most popular hashtags within your topic and start putting them into action! For me, I usually pick some of these: #fitfluential #fitness #fitfam #nutrition #wellness #cleaneating #cleaneats #eatingclean #eatclean #instahealth
4. Be creative

Add images to your tweets, use fun and popular hashtags, professional looking images on instagram, pictures of you being you, ask your followers questions on facebook, join groups on linkedin, witty jokes always get a hit, or you can just talk about coffee because 95% of the people on this planet love coffee and will retweet you a million times. Okay, I’m serious. Actually…okay, yeah, I am.

When you interact with people, don’t just do it…do it because you truly want to talk to that person, comment on their stuff, and are interested in what they share!

Social Media Marketing Tips


  • Do you have a tip you’d like to share on social media?
  • How long have you been blogging?
  • Ever have a blog fail?