My Top 7 Favorite Workouts on YouTube II

Here we go! Second round of “My Top 7 Workouts on YouTube”

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#1 Sarah Fit’s 500 CALORIE Outdoor Circuit Workout

This is actually the workout that got me into working out a few years ago when I was just running. I had no idea was circuit training was and after doing this workout, I had never felt so sore in my life. I thought running was hard.

#2 Sarah Fit’s Lose Your Love Handles Workout

First off, I love Sarah’s workouts! But this quick core workout is great to do at the end of your run or something.

#3 POP PLYO By Blogilates

This workout will kick your butt! That’s all I’m saying.

#4 BexLife 4 MINUTE Tabata Workout

I love this workout for when I’m short on time and I need a quick sweat. Plus, Bex is so motivating.

#5 LeanSecrets 34 Best Butt Exercises

This isn’t exactly a “workout” but Brenda goes through all the best butt exercises for you in this video to add to your leg/glutes workouts.

#6 Amanda Russell’s Super Calorie Burn Cardio Workout

I absolutely love this workout…it’s an oldie but a goodie for me. Get ready to get that heart rate up!

#7 BARRE WORKOUT with The Tone It Up Girls!

If you’re thinking of switching things up a little bit, get your toning on with this at-home Barre Workout that will have you sore by the next day!

Let me know what you think in the comments!

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Questions this Morning:

  • What’s your favorite YouTube Workout?
  • Do you prefer cardio or strength training more?

xoxo audrey


HIIT Cardio Workout

Happy Weekend!

I got a workout I wanted to share today and its pretty awesome…so, you might want to try it out.

This is a fat-burning cardio workout that will definitely make you sweat. Point of the workout, is to take the time seriously. Start out with 30 seconds, take a 10 sec break, and start the next exercise ASAP. You need that heart rate to stay high! So, who’s with me? You going to try this workout today? Let me know in the comments down below when you’re going to do it!


I hope you will like it!

xoxo audrey


  • What’s on the agenda for the weekend? Doing anything fun?
  • Do you workout on the weekends?

Fitness Friday: New Core, Arms, and Booty Routine!

One thing I absolutely love, is a good workout. Especially if I make it up myself. The workout down below kicked my butt after my 5 miler yesterday.

I created this workout, really wanting to focus on the core, arms, and booty, so I rounded up a lot of my favorite go-to exercises to create this sweat ‘sesh’.

With this workout, I completed 1 suicide drill before I did each round…really got my heart pumping and it was pretty crazy the whole workout!

The whole idea with this workout, is to complete 3-4 rounds as fast as you can! You will be dripping with sweat the whole time.

Some foam rolling and stretching was definitely needed afterward and felt oh, so good!

Core, Arms, & Booty Routine

  • Suicide Drills: Demo Here (complete 1 set, not the whole video)
  • Squat Twist to Shoulder Press: Demo Here
  • Strict Mountain Climbers: Demo Here
  • Kettlebell Turkish Crunches: Demo Here
  • Walkout Plank with Tummy Tuck: Demo Here and Picture Below for Tummy Tuck

  • Body Surfing Exercise

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For dinner last night, I had homemade spinach quiche with sweet potato tots and I just gotta share the picture with you! It was so good! Thank you, Mom!

IMG_20140501_184212 (1)

Enjoy your Friday everyone!


  • What is your favorite type of workout?
  • Do you like Quiche? What is your favorite combination? (I like spinach and mushroom with Asiago cheese the most)