7 Things You Shouldn’t Do While Running

Ready to learn this morning? Here’s some tips I’ve gathered up from my years of running so far. Do you have anything you ever tell people “Don’t do this while running!” ?

I’d love to know! Stick around for workouts and food down below!

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Workouts and Eats This Week:

i workout




5 miler

total after 5 miler

Eats + Made Purely Twins Blueberry Streusel! So good. I demand you try it now. The recipes was so easy and the batter tasted like vanilla cake batter.

Grain and egg free. Low sugar. Fiber. Tasty.

blueberry streusel cakeblueberry streusel cake2blueberry streusel cake3blueberry streusel cake4blueberry streusel cake8blueberry streusel cake5blueberry streusel cake6blueberry streusel cake7IMG_20140416_170144

Green smoothie!


Kashi Bar

2014-04-16 15.31.032014-04-16 dinnerIMG_20140415_210109

I’ve been super busy with school this week since our big test is next week, so I haven’t been doing much but taking pics here and there! Bear with me!


Toned Arms Tuesday (Workout)

We all love toned arms, right? Well, I got a great full body arm routine that will have you sore for 2 days!


I have been doing this workout using 10lb dumbbells & kettlebell…definitely keeping my arms fit!!!


Well, here’s the workout! I used Pic Monkey to make it all pretty and stuff…hope you enjoy it! Let me know if you try it!

And you can definitely do more rounds than 2…I just don’t have more than 16 minutes to work on my arms because of running.

Full Body Spring Arm Routine

For more arm routines from In Shape Cupcake…click these links!

Beach Ready Superset Arm Routine

Shoulders & Biceps

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Marvelous in My Monday, Yay!

Happy Monday and I’m so happy to be back on the blogging wagon. I’ve missed Marvelous Mondays, WIAW, and Friday Favorites!

Thank you, Katie for hosting!

Ready, set, go!

2014-04-05 18.26.30

Marvelous isBirthday weekend!


Marvelous isMy first Philly Cheese Steak

green smoothie

Marvelous is…Green smoothies that taste so good you could drink two glasses

Mason Jar Magic Bullet- why hadn't I thought of this??

Marvelous is…Seeing this pin on Pinterest last night! This is brilliant for those who make a lot of smoothie and salsa.

Marvelous is…Finishing up Module 8 for IIN

running 5.5 without stopping

Marvelous is…running 5.5 miles in the rain (WITHOUT STOPPING!!!) and completing a leg workout and arm workout (I will share this week)

coconut icecream

Marvelous is…Having ice-cream for like the 2nd time this year! I’m not a huge fan of ice-cream and I feel like its pointless to eat, but every once in a while, like for my birthday, its nice to eat Smile

Marvelous is…Watching this lovely movie, Saving Mr. Banks with all my family for a chill Sunday night…

HP - Pavilion 17.3" Laptop - 4GB Memory - 750GB Hard Drive - Anodized Silver - Alternate View 2

Marvelous is…Getting an early birthday present last week! HP laptop!

Marvelous is…This song, Latch, by Sam Smith…he has a beautiful voice and I’ve heard this song a couple times on the radio and decided to look it up. I really like it! Check it out, if you haven’t. Listen to his acoustic version too.

Marvelous is…Becoming a Girls Run Fast Ambassador!!! I’m more than thrilled and I feel so blessed.

What was marvelous in your Monday?