Friday Night Fun…kind of

Happy Saturday everyone!

I’m supposed to be running, but never woke up at 5 AM, so I’m blogging instead. I’m running in a little bit though!

Yesterday, I did nothing! It was one of those days where I blogged late, kept reading other blogs, commenting, job searching, etc…

I did however eat! Thank goodness for stomach grumbling or I might have forgotten.


I had cinnamon overnight oats with crushed cinnamon Puffins on top


I was craving a toasted Ezekial turkey sandwich with our homegrown tomatoes and fresh lettuce.

Secret ingredient? A little pimento cheese spread on the bread and brown spicy mustard!



Lydia (my sister) and I decided to hit up Panera bread for a salad!

We also tried to take a selfie together, didn’t work.

We always get the Pick Two because one thing is not enough!panera bread

(I do not consider PB a very healthy place, but better than McDonalds. I also consider this to be my cheat meal this week)

After that, we walked over to Best Buy to look at laptops (because I need a new one).

I’ve had my laptop since 9th grade…hello, I’m graduated now! Need a new laptop before this one dies on me.

I think I really like this one though…hear good things about it.


I entered Sarah’s Gymboss Interval Timer giveaway a couple weeks ago and while I was on vacation, I got an email that said I won! The timer came in a couple days ago and I’m super excited to start using it! I wish I had another one to giveaway! That would be awesome!


Well, I’m off to run and then celebrate my brother’s birthday!

Hope you all have a great weekend!

XX Audrey