Quick, Healthy, and Easy Breakfast Ideas

Hey friends, how’s it going?

I’m struggling with what I want to eat for breakfast since I have no bananas in the house which brought me to thinking, I have a whole Pinterest board dedicated to breakfast ideas! I thought I’d round them up and share them today and just maybe, I’ll help someone figure out what they want for breakfast (and me too)!

First off, bananas are my favorite. So, the easiest thing for me to do is make a Banana Nut Butter Wrap!

Banana Nut Butter Wrap

You can find the recipe here

I also love to put bananas in my pancakes, like so

Gluten Free Protein Banana Pancakes

 These Gluten Free Protein Banana Pancakes are so good!

Or you can do the 2-ingredient pancake (eggs+banana)

2 Ingredient Pancakes

The recipe is right here!

More bananas? Sure!

One of my all time favorite breakfasts is the Sweet Breakfast Scramble from Tina @ Carrots ‘n’ Cake!

Sweet Breakfast Scramble

Feeling like you need some protein?

Protein Eggy Oats, an oldie but a goodie!

Protein Eggy Oats

You can find the recipe here

Maybe you need something green? Check out my instagram for this Gluten Free Spinach Pancake Recipe

Or maybe you want some breakfast pizza? Go right ahead, this is clean, easy, and simple! Add whatever you want to it!

Sweet Potato Flat bread

You can pin it here!

And you know what, you can even have cupcakes for breakfast!

Gluten Free Paleo Cupcakes

I’ve got the recipe right here—>Gluten Free Paleo Cupcakes

And if you want something more on the liquid side, try out my favorite juice recipe!


Let me know which one you would try, in the comments!

Look out for a special little giveaway tomorrow! You’re gonna be soooooo happy! So check back tomorrow, okay?


  • What’s your go-to breakfast?
  • Do you like juice or smoothies more?
  • Pancakes or waffles?


600 Calorie Burner Workout

Good morning all!

Let’s get down to business. Like “What is this 600 calorie burner workout you are talking about?” *First off, I burned about 600 calories, not everyone will be the same. It’s all according to how hard you push, your weight, and etc.

I love track workouts! They really mix it up and make things interesting. I haven’t ran in a few days, so I wanted to do something quick, effective, and somewhat easy<— (Found out this workout isn’t easy!)

I saw this crossfit workout the other day and decided to try it! 200meter repeats aren’t hard but they are tiring. And that’s exactly what I was looking for.


This is what I did:

  • 1 mile warmup on the track
  • Run 200m, do the 4 exercise moves
  • Repeat that for 4 more times (total 5 times) with little rest
  • 1/2 mile cooldown
  • Run stairs from one side to the opposite side (3 SETS) (You can run it however you want and you could do more if you were doing this workout)
  • Walk up the big bleachers 4X to finish it off
  • Did some functional work like 40m skips, hops, side skips, jumps, backward running, etc.


Now I only did 1/2 of the workout (pic above) because I haven’t ran in a few days. But it still kicked my butt. I got my heart rate up to 183. Perfect.

Next time I do this workout (hopefully next week) I will add a couple more rounds and hopefully by the time I do this workout for the 3rd time, I’ll be able to push through 10 ROUNDS!

Came home to refuel with a Vanilla Shakeology smoothie with almond milk and ice.

I am feeling the effects of the workout this morning. Hamstrings and glutes are slowly getting sore. EEK! But that’s good.


I challenge you to do this workout! It can easily be done with a treadmill and stairmill or at home. I just prefer the track and bleachers.



Wanted oatmeal, so I had oatmeal.

I love mixing in coconut flour and almond milk in my oatmeal as well. It’s so good. Added blueberries, cinnamon, and nutbutter on top.


Leg DAY tonight! What are you doing for your workout today?


  • What is your go to workout?
  • Do you do Leg Day? What is your favorite move on LD? (I like single leg deadlifts)
  • If you had to choose one breakfast food for the next year, what would it be? (I’d do oatmeal, can’t go wrong with it!)


XX Audrey

What Happened + Back To Gear Cardio and Core!

Soooo, I was super ready to get back to blogging…then something major happened and blogging just wasn’t happening. There was no time!

But, now I’m back! For good. FOR GOOD!!!!!

Okey dokey…

For breakfast this morning I had some yummy oats!

Recipe: Mix these ingredients in a bowl

1/3 cup thick oats (I use Bob’s Red Mill Gluten Free)

2/3 cup water,

5 Stevia drops

1 tbsp coconut flour

1 tsp chia seeds

Microwave for 3 min. Stir. Cook for 1 more minute. Stir in as much cinnamon as you want! Top with peanutbutter  and 1/2 banana ❤

I just got over a cold. So I’m getting back to workouts today. I was so mad this past week because every time I tried to workout, I could barely breath because my nose, head, and coughing was just horrible. So, I feel like I’ve lost all my muscle. Probably not, but getting there. So I gotta get back to sweatin’ and I’m taking today’s workout outdoors!

This is what I’m about to go do!

Back to Gear Cardio & Core

Skinny Dip w/ Leg Cross

Squat w/ Front Leg Kick

Squat w/ knee cross

Butterfly Situps

For the pushup w/ side plank and hug…this is what to do!


Then HUG! (Like Katrina from Tone It Up)


Okay, that’s all! Have a great Tuesday!

XX Audrey