Saturday Things

Hey friends! How’s it going?


This morning, I was so indecisive about what to do. I found out last night, that my 5k I’ve been training for, was moved to MAY 18!

I was so mad. I don’t even know when it changed. But it did. Aggravating.

So, instead of run 10 miles this morning, I decided to get in some weightlifting and HIIT cardio because I haven’t done that all week D:

  • WARMUP-10 minutes
  • Superset Arm Workout (Biceps, triceps)
    • First superset: 10 Barbell curls, 10 barbell skull crushers—4 rounds
    • Second superset: 10 barbell preacher curls, tricep dips till failure—4 rounds
  • HIIT routine—3 rounds instead of 6 rounds

to Press

This was post workout!


My camera has been charging all day because its been dead, so I’ve been relying on my phone+instagram. EEK!

Hope you don’t mind Smile

2 cage free eggs, 2 kashi blueberry waffles, and a little organic butter went on top of those. Smile Had to!

Then I went…

…to JcPenney. (If I didn’t spell it right, that’s because I have never known how to spell the name of the store right.) (Sad story)

If you haven’t been there in the last couple of weeks, you NEED to go. I love how they have changed everyyyyything! They have tons of new designers, purses, clothes, etc. If I had about $300 to go spend in there, I could have gotten a TON! They aren’t too pricy with their stuff as well. Things went down a little in prices. Which is good! I’m thinking about working there so I can get discounts…teeheeSmile


The reason I went there was to use my $25 giftcard to grab me some sort of jacket or sweater to put over my lacy white dress for tomorrow. I was thinking pink, but once I saw this mint green jean jacket…I HAD TO GO MINTY!


It goes so well with everything I am wearing tomorrow. Be on the lookout for an Easter post!


I came home STARVINGGGG; that workout kicked my butt this morning by the way.

I fixed a chocolate, spinach, strawberry protein smoothie and I fell in love with it. If it wouldn’t have made me so full and if I could eat unlimited calories, I would have totally made me another one of these!


And please excuse my nails. I gotta repaint them tonight!


Okay, I have to say something about how I feel about Easter.

Easter isn’t about bunnies and eggs to me. I could care less. Yeah, I guess its fun when you’re 3 or 4. But to me, Easter is called Resurrection Sunday. It’s about my savior, Jesus Christ. It’s about him dying for us and our sins then resurrecting. He’s pretty awesome to me and I love him so much.

Here’s a few fave quotes and pics I found on Pinterest Smile



god gave me you

Happy Easter everyone!

P.S. Look out for a post tomorrow afternoon about my food, clothes, and how my easter went!


  • What does Easter mean to you?
  • Are you wearing anything Eastery-ish tomorrow?
  • Did you workout this morning?