Top June Posts Roundup and Survey

Good morning everyone!

I am still adjusting to the fact that its July! I mean, didn’t I just get back from the beach? I really want to enjoy the Summer, but it feels like its slipping away and before we know it, it will be Christmas again! Anyone else feel the same way here? Let’s just all agree that we need a slow motion machine. Who can make us one? Winking smile

Well, moving on, I thought I would group up my top posts from the month into one post. I see a lot of others do this and I think it’s a brilliant idea for those who like order and organization (ahem, me). Do you have a JUNE TOP POSTS ROUNDUP, comment down below! I’d love to see what yours were!

WIAW & Banana Oat Chia Pancakes Recipe


Strawberry Banana Protein Ice-cream Recipe

Strawberry banana protein icecream

Gluten Free Chocolate Chip Waffles

Mint Chocolate Chip Smoothie with Vega


Pink Smoothie Recipe for Spring & Summer


I want this blog to really be able to be a resource for all my readers. Any more ideas on what I can provide you with?

I’m posting a survey down below and I would very, very much appreciate your feedback; It would mean a lot Smile

And if you have any other ideas, feel free to comment down below!


Thank you so much!

xx Audrey

I Feel Most Awkward When…

I’m at the post office

I think its just me…I don’t know why. But I try to avoid the post office.

I’m running strides in the grass

Running strides in the grass is just so awkward. Any other runners feel me here?

I’m either overdressed or underdressed

This one, I feel like a lot of people feel awkward about. But I can NOT stand it if I’m wearing something really nice and everyone else is wearing nike shorts and tshirts. Just no.

I’m Plie squatting

I make sure I do these when there is no one around. I even find these awkward to do when I’m alone. I rarely do these.

When people sing Happy Birthday to me

I don’t know what to do. Am I supposed to sing too or just smile? Because I don’t want to just stand there smiling. And singing to myself is kind of weird. Don’t you think?

Asking for fresh slice lunch meat.

I don’t even know.

Wearing a helmet

I rarely ride a bike or horse back ride…why? Because I HATE helmets.

Alright, that was fun.

  • Tell me something where you feel most awkward!

Things I Want to Try & Do

Happy Thursday!

I have to go to work today sort of early so no early workout. But I get home at a decent time, so definitely going to get my sweat on later.

I was thinking of a whole bunch of different things I wanted to do yesterday, so I typed up some things. Make sure you tell you me some that you want to do/try!

Things I Want to Try & Do

  • Learn to perform a headstand!


  • Eat fondue! Yepp, I’ve never done it before. I always want to go to The Melting Pot but no one else wants to go.

  • Go on a cruise! Nope, never done this one either!

  • Get on a plane! Haven’t been on a plane since I was a baby


  • Learn the techniques to play tennis. I love “playing” tennis, but It would be fun to learn and train to really play it and become somewhat good.


  • Buy my own dog one day! All three of our labs that I grew up with aren’t alive anymore, and I’ve been wanting a new dog. But…I might have to wait a while. Anyway, I’ve been wanting a Vizsla for a long time now. Can’t wait! They are so adorableeee


  • Run a 10k, 15k, and a marathon! (Haven’t done any of those)


  • Go to a musical or a concert (preferably a Michael Buble concert)

Okay, that’s all for now!

Tell me something you really want to try or do!

Have a great Thursday!

XX Audrey