Taking a Break

Hey loves!

I took a break over the weekend and yesterday to just step away from the blogging world. I was in it all last week and I knew my brain just needed a break. It still does, but I thought I would pop in and blog just a little.

Friday we headed over to Costco and Earthfare to do a little grocery shopping…and we also stopped at Jason’s Deli to devour their salad bar.


Look, their salad bar rocks…its got all kind of stuff.

And every time we go to Earthfare, we get a cold Zevia to drink on the way back home. It’s just a thing.


Saturday I decided to spend my weekend eating clean whole foods…and that is what I did.

I started with a spinach, kale and banana smoothie and then a really good workout!

Lunch I had yogurt and almond butter with apple slices.

Then I took my sister to Forever 21 to find her a dress for homecoming.

When I got back my older sister and her husband were at the house.

While everyone else was eating hot dogs, I ate broccoli, eggs, peas, and onions topped with sauerkraut


Sunday, I started with another green smoothie


Hey y’all!

We got ready for church (I BROUGHT OUT THE BOOTS!!!) Oh yeahhhIMG_20130922_094904

Church was just so, so, so powerful Sunday. So happy I was there!


Lunch/dinner was pretty great…mostly the same at Saturday’s except no egg, but chicken!

So not a super special weekend or anything except I’m quite proud of myself eating so clean over those two days. I’m actually still doing it because I began to feel so good from all the veggies, fruits, and good proteins, no packaged crap.

I’m still drinking green smoothies and eating lighter. Except I might have had my fair share of almonds.

Anyway, you all have a great Tuesday!


  • What did you do over the weekend?
  • What’s your go-to-throw-together-in-a-bowl meal?
  • Do you ever take a break from the blog world?

I’m Baaaackk

Hey there blog readers…

Okay, so I took a long break from blogging. Why? I had no inspiration. I had nothing to write about and if I did, I didn’t really have any motivation to write.

I’m not one to sit here and write about my entire day because I find that a teensy-weensy boring…so I just closed everything up for a while until I felt that spark ignite again.

Some interesting things that’s happened since the last time I wrote:

I graduated…

me and lance graduation

I PR’d (5K) and came in 2nd place overall female! I had a time of 25:07. I was so close to getting under 25 minutes. Next time!

I went to my first ever golf tournament (LOVE IT! And want to go to more!)

Except…I got soaked so bad by the rain…and I was wearing all white. That did not turn out well for me by the end of the day. Sad smile

I finalllllly went to Brio Tuscan Grille and lemme say, that place is rockin’. Hoping to go again. It would be a great place for a date!

And I’ve been running! Like a crazy girl!

You runners, if you don’t already know, the more training you do in the hot heat of the summer, the better you are as a runner in the FALL! So keep up the running. Your pace may slow down a bit, but that’s normal.

I have a couple of other things to put on the blog, but I’ll let ya know that in another post!

And I hope I can gain back your blog reading. It’s entirely my fault for not writing. I promise more recipes and workouts!!!

Stay fit and healthy!

XOXO Audrey