Surviving a Sesamoid Fracture…as a runner

Hey there!

I want to jump into this post and discuss my attitude, recovery, and health during a broken bone in my foot.

As a runner, that’s something I did not wish upon myself or any other runner. It’s not as hurtful as a broken leg, but it’s so painful for someone who’s very active.


Rewind to June 2014, I was running a lot and working out a bunch! I was putting a lot of pressure on these bones…(down below)


I’m guessing I bruised it over the next couple of months but I know I probably fractured it when I started doing trail runs and jumping off rocks, etc.


I should have went to the Podiatrist back in July when it really started to hurt and inflame but I thought it was just bruised and I had never experienced this before. I’ve been running for 7 years and I’ve never had foot problems except a little plantar fasciitis so, it was just my fault for assuming.

I ended up stopping all running and walking in November because it was hurting so bad and I was hoping it would just stop on its own. But by December, it was still hurting. So, I made that appointment to the podiatrist and found out I broke it.

Okay runners, have you ever been to the doctor and them tell you that you broke something? It literally makes your heart sink because you know you won’t be able to RUN. Yep, that was the only thing on my mind. Obsessed much? Well, whatever.

Oh, and he gave me this crappy sandal to wear for the next 6 weeks…


I mean, if I have to wear this for that long, you could at least make it look better. But anyway, it did it’s job.

As soon as a I got home from the podiatrist, I knew I had to be 100% on board with this healing process so I wouldn’t hurt my foot again. I needed to do everything right!

Things you should think about if you break a sesamoid bone

  • Begin lowering your calorie intake (you’ll be sitting a lot more and no intense workouts)
  • Take bone healing supplements (Bone-Up, Vitamin D, Vitamin C, Fish Oil, Magnesium, Zinc, Vitamin E, Copper, etc..)
  • Increase anti-inflammatory nutrients
  • Check your protein intake

The doc told me no weight bearing workouts on my legs, so that meant NO SQUATS either. I was a little frustrated at first but I needed to get excited about being healed because I was sick of the pain. But not being able to do burpees and lunges was killing me!!!

Workouts I was able to do during the 6 weeks of healing:

  • Upper body strength training (Check out some of my arm workouts HERE)
  • Band Assisted Pullups and Chinups (Did a lot of these and I’ve gotten way better at them)
  • Toning the back side
    • Donkey kicks, tone it up hamstring curl, side leg lifts, side planks, clamshell exercise, booty kicks, booty bridges, etc…)
  • ABS ABS ABS (I did a lot of side planks, sit-ups, crunches, butterfly crunches, mermaid crunch (tone it up), bird dog, hamstring curls with exercise ball, superman, etc…)

I didn’t have the chance to do anything intense but I still got to move around a little and work my muscles some while being injured.

Now that it’s been over 8 weeks since I’ve been to the doctor, I’ve been in my regular shoes again (yay!) and for cardio, I’m doing 1-4 miles walks. I also saw my chiropractor for a couple of days to get my pelvis, back and neck aligned. Believe me, I was all messed up from having to walk so weird with that post-op sandal everyday and everywhere.

This week I started walking more and I’ve amped up my workouts a little to where my heart rate can get a lot higher.

If anyone’s interested, I’d be more than happy to share all my workouts I created for myself during this injury.

I hope this post helps anyone who may be having an injury or the same one I had. If you have any more questions, feel free to comment below or e-mail me at

If anyone reading does have an injury, I know it’s a pain in the butt, but take this time to really understand how to be more healthy so you can heal the very best!

xx audrey


How I’m Dealing with My Unemployment (Personal)

Hey friends!

Thanks for everyone who was so kind enough to take the time to take my survey on Tuesday! If you missed taking the survey, its okay, you can still take it! I’d love your feedbackclip_image002

A lot of you have already said you’d love a little more personal posts on the blog, which I’ve come to realize that I don’t do that anymore. When I first started out with my blog, I was a little more personal than I am now, but I think as I have gotten into school, thinking about my future business, etc., I strayed from that because I was, to be honest, scared. When you’re personal out in the open on a blog, anyone can see it. You’re vulnerable. As a young woman, that just freaked me out. But, the community of healthy living bloggers and the full time support, I have become aware that there really isn’t a reason I should be scared.

What I really wanted to blog about today was the fact that I’m jobless. Did I hesitate on this subject? Yeah…you bet.




“That’s a shame!”


Just a few of the things I hear day to day…


I haven’t had a job for about a month but I haven’t really said much about it. You might have seen a couple of things I tweeted, but that’s it.

What I’m here to say today has nothing to do with negativity. No complaints, no discouragement, no crap.

Here’s how I’m dealing with my unemployment:


Faith isn’t “Man, I hope that happens” and then you begin hoping, then doubting, then hoping, then you give up. That’s NOT faith. Faith, is having complete trust in something. Which, the something I’m talking about, is God. (Please, remember this is how I’m dealing with it)

Hebrews 11:1 says, “Now Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.”

And faith doesn’t just ‘happen’. You must build it and feed it!

For example, Romans 10:17 “So then faith cometh by hearing, and hearing by the Word of God.”

I’ve taken this time that I have off, to completely focus on Him. He has a plan.

Jeremiah 29:11 “For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, saith the Lord, thoughts of peace, and not of evil, to give you an expected end.”

Jesus calls us to meditate on the Word daily…

John 8:31-32 “Then said Jesus said to those Jews which believed on him, If ye continue in my word, then are ye my disciples indeed; And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.”

Look, I’m not perfect and I have days where I’ve neglected Him and His Word and I still have to slow down and focus.


So, while I’m being told I don’t have enough experience for a job that I know THAT I could do (I can do all things through Christ), or when someone doesn’t give me an opportunity, or somebody acts like they’ll hire me but then they don’t, I cast that over on the Lord! He shall supply all my needs and take all my burdens. I know He has a plan far greater than I could imagine! So, to my feelings and emotions, that picture above looks like it describes a lot of what I’m going through with job searching…but in my spirit and feeding it the Word of God, that picture HAS NOTHING to do with me. God made me a promise and He is the truth, the light, and the way!



I’m thankful that the only job I have right now, is reading His Word, teaching myself more SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING, HTML & CSS skills, blogging, and throwing myself into my studies for nutrition school.

God has given me some amazing skills and a passion for what I mentioned above, and its not because of me that I have them. He has put them in my heart. So, I’m not bragging. I’m just thankful.

I’m also thankful for all of you guys…every blogger and reader I have come across have this wonderful touch of inspiring me and each other. I think that is quite simply, an amazing gift to have.



When life gives you lemons, make lemonade…is something I could go on about and be super cliché. But that’s lame. Let’s be real here, life doesn’t give you stupid lemons and no one makes lemonade. We buy it, because who wants to squeeze lemons? Also, lemonade can make you fat (SUGAR OVERLOAD) Okay, maybe not…unless you drink it all the time. But you get what I’m saying!

My life is at a crazy turning point right now, I have no idea what direction I’m headed in and since I’m trusting God to lead me, I can’t plan anything out. I’m pretty much just doing my part, looking and applying for jobs, meditating daily on His Word, asking for wisdom, and praying humbly before Him!

So, at this crazy point in my life, I’m not making lemonade. I’m rejoicing!

Philippians 4:4 “Rejoice in the Lord always; and again I say, Rejoice!”



My previous job was far from home, which wasn’t always the best. It left me with lack of creativity. I didn’t have the time to create fun recipes, workouts, or take adventures. Right now, I’m totally embracing all what I’ve missed. Lately, I’ve completely enjoyed making recipes like:


God is bigger than money. He is bigger than statistics. He is bigger than discouragement. He IS bigger.

That’s all I have to say.

I’ve been told by many, “Audrey, its hard to get a job right now,” and yeah, okay thanks for the support (sarcasm BTW). Do you not read His words? You say you are a Christian but decide you’d rather fill me up with doubt? That is of the WORLD, but my God is not of the WORLD! HE IS OF HEAVEN, FAITH, LOVE, AND KINDNESS!

God said in His Word that he will equip me with all that I need to do His will and good works. I believe he can do more than my mind can imagine. I’m ready!

You might ask me, “Well, Audrey, why would God let you be unemployed?” But I say, is it because of God that I’m unemployed? Maybe…but if it were so, I know that he is righteous in all his WAYS and KIND in all HIS works! So, in my opinion, if he wanted me to not have a job right now, it’s because he wants me depend on Him, seek Him, and pray. He is a God of truth…and I need to focus on the truths He gives us in the Bible. My times are in His hands and the moment He chooses to reveal the job, career, or opportunity He wants me to have, He will.


Dear Readers,

Please take note that I will never, ever, ever try to push anything on you. That’s not what this post is. This post is about how I’M DEALING with MY unemployment. I wanted to share something uplifting, personal, and encouraging on my blog. This is me right now. I’m taking off the blogger coat, stepping into ‘Audrey’ today and presenting to you my current life.

Thank you for reading and hope that maybe these words could give you some light in your tunnel, if needed!

Blessed going in, and blessed going out!

See y’all tomorrow for a recipe!


  • Have you ever overcome the ‘job world’?

3 Simple Foods To Curb the Cravings

Do you ever get hungry at obscene hours during the afternoon and late at night? Yeah, me too. I’m a victim. Growing up, I didn’t really understand that. I thought I had a some sort of problem and no one ever taught me about how to eat properly to not have that happen.

I’m sharing my today, 3 simple foods to curb the cravings. These are foods you probably already have in your house, and if not, please go get them!

#1 Apples


I thought this was rather interesting and I’m sharing it. The article link is on SOURCE down below.

An Apple a Day Keeps the Doctor Away

“Avoid extra visits to your doctor due to unbalanced blood sugar. Soluble fiber in apples, called pectin, reduces the amount of sugar and calories that’s absorbed into the bloodstream after a meal. That’s good news for folks who want to prevent type 2 diabetes, but it also makes apples one of the best snacks for dieters. Apple pectin prevents spikes in blood sugar that lead to increased fat storage. It will help you avoid the blood sugar “crash” that leaves you craving more food.

How long it will keep me satiated?
Apple pectin can keep you full for 1-2 hours.

When should I eat it?

Eat an apple before or after a meal to help keep you full faster and longer, or between meals to help keep blood sugar balanced. Consider adding apple pectin powder to yogurt, porridge/oatmeal or shakes.”


#2 Bell Pepper


The fiber in bell peppers will help you get that fullness you’re looking for when you need something to help you curb those cravings.

There’s a thing called, Leptin. Ever heard of it? Well, in case you haven’t, Leptin is a hormone that is secreted from fat cells. It helps you know when you need to eat and when to stop eating. It does A LOT. Specifically, it helps to give you that feeling of fullness. When you overeat you can overtime deplete your leptin levels and therefore, the problem turns to constantly overeating and you don’t have the leptin to tell you to stop!

Bell peppers are one of my favorite foods to help restore the leptin. Even Zuzana from ZuzkaLight talks about it in her video here! Check it out to understand it more!

#3 Coconut Oil


I love coconut oil! I put it on EVERYTHING (that I can)

One reason I love coconut oil, is that it kills those sugar cravings. Seriously, take a spoonful of coconut oil and just eat it. You’ll be fine. You might want to drink some water afterward…


  • Coconut oil is made up of medium-chain fatty acids (triglycerides). These acids produce a lot of health benefits. Coconut oil is a source of instant energy…much like sugar. But coconut oil doesn’t produce that insulin spike in your bloodstream. Saves you from the slump!
  • It feels you up rather quickly…its kinda magical.
  • Helps you lose weight! (WHAT!?) Yes. It is because of the medium-chain fatty acids in the oil. These acids are transported directly to the liver, promoting “thermogenesis” which increases the body’s metabolism. Just look into more if you are a little unsure here. I’ve been studying this for quite a long time and I always make sure I get my coconut oil in everyday. YUM

So what do you think? Do you take any of these foods daily?


  • What’s your favorite vegetable?
  • What’s your favorite fruit?